Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Good die!

A few weeks ago I had friendly game with Jim and his Red Marines (i.e. Blood Angel but using the standard Space Marine Codex rules). It was a victory for my Orks. But Jim wanted a rematch, and orks being orks I had no choice but to accept this foolish request. Besides, my warboss, Ror-Ruk, was still seething over that Whirlwind escaping his wrath in our last game...

"Sod da reluc, bring me to dat tank!"
This took place on Good Friday (thus the title of this post) and met at Hobbytown and set up a table. I rolled for corner deployment and the mission that we rolled up was The Relic. We ended up using the same lists as last time, only I decided to tweek my list. So I dropped the Painboy and Grot mob for a 2nd level psyker. I thought this might be a good chance to play around with, and teach Jim some more of, the psyker rules.

We rolled off for who sets up first and I won that roll.

Red Marine deployment. 

Ork deployment.
I should have realized that Jim must have made some fresh sacrifices to the Dice Gods when he stole the initiative! He immediately went for blood and dumped his first shots into the trukk carrying the Warboss.
"That xenos bastard again?! Blast him!!!"
After a half his army dumped round after round into the trukk, it exploded violently.

"Dey blew up me ride!"
Not content on getting the First Blood Secondary Objective, the Red Marines really wanted Slay the Warlord as well. The other half of his army continued to unleash into Ror-Ruk's unit until only the Warboss and a single boy remained alive.

"I don't care if youse only got 'aff ah body, git up and fight!"

On my 1st turn I moved my 2nd trukk into position to attempt to get within reach of the relic, and managed to killed 4 marines  with the Frazzle psychic power. My kustom mega kannon actually hit and penetrated the Whirlwind and it blew the multilauncher off of it! A good round of ruckas I believe...

Another trukk bites the dust.

On the next round Jim renewed his assault on the orks. His lone routing marine rallied (And they shall no only enough fear to get out of a bad situation) and was hanging out with the Librarian's squad. The damaged whirlwind surged forward, it's only role is now provide cover or act as a tank shocking or ramming engine.  During the shooting phase only a few of the marine units targeted the Warboss, who did lose a wound, while the rest of marines opened up on the other ork trukk.

Turn 2, my warboss made his way towards the Whirlwind, it's demise is his top priority. My other ork unit is now pinned down as a result of their trukk exploding. Now this next bit gets tricky, and felt like a gray area of the rules, but it seemed legal at the time. I used the 'Ere we go power to extract the unit from the wreckage of the trukk, and attempted place them behind the main line of marines. We were not sure if this would "release" the squad from being pinned but, after I rolled for scatter...

...then had to roll on the Deep Strike Scatter table. Luckily they weren't all destroyed, although that would have been a hilarious way for this game to go, but Jim  got to place my guys anywhere on the board. So he stuck them in a crater on the otherside of a ruined wall.

"Oy, iz dis where we wuz supposed ta go?!"
Meanwhile, my warboss engaged the Whirlwind and ripped through it like a piƱata.
"WAAAGH!" -Pic by Jim

After taking a wound, and losing the last ork from his unit and killing a marine also as a result of the Whirlwind exploding, the Ror-Ruk was now dangerously exposed...

"Have some fire Xenos scum!"
...and the Librarian's pyro powers cooked him in the psychic phase, getting his vengeance for the last game!


On my psychic phase, I attempted to get my boyz with the warphead back into the fight. However when I cast 'ere we go I scattered again on the deep strike attempt landing on top of the lone marine who was in the process of picking up the relic!

Trying to take out my artillery, the Librarian and his unit got right up on the ruins but they failed in their endeavor.

Coming out of reserves at the bottom of turn 4, my boys and the Warphead showed up. My warphead, through the door of the ruins has line of sight to the marine that now had the relic...

...and summoning up a blast of psyker waaagh energy he attempted to blast him with Frazzle. I got the power to activate but the daemonic attack he suffered due to me rolling Perils of the Warp killed him. And then the power scattered and missed the relic carrying marine anyway!

On Jim's turn 5 he attempted a psychic power as well and also summoned the Perils and very nearly dragged his Librarian into the warp!!! He managed to fend off the daemonic entity and only lost a wound. But it was a very close call!

My last turn was an exercise in futility as I tried to get my boyz close enough to charge the relic, but they failed to do so and lost a boy due to overwatch! My artillery missed it's  target as well.

So, tallying up the VPs it was a totally clean sweep for the Red Marines who earned 6VPs to my 0VPs. Jim garned a long overdue win. My MVP was the Kustom Mega Kannon which actually performed for once and killed quite a few marines. And I learned that Orks and 7th ed psychics just don't mix.

Jim now also has a copy of the Blood Angels Codex so hopefully when next we met I won't half to report them as "Red Marines!"

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