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Attack of the Red Marines

This past Friday I arranged a 40k game with Jim, an old friend I haven't seen in ages (or so it seems). Jim hasn't played recently and doesn't have the current rules or Blood Angels codex, which is fine considering GWs recent turbocharged release schedule, I am behind as well. Pressed for time, we decided to only play 500pts on a 4'x5' board. I had some 500pt lists pre-made, I can't recall for sure why, I think I was going to attempt to teach someone how to play? -not sure. Anyway, this is the what we went with and mustered.
Zitgut just had to go, there was no stopping it. The fungus gruel his master, Runtherd Slapgit, fed them all earlier was just not agreeing with him, so there he was perched over the camp drops on a mushling. Besides, his master wasn't having any of his runts making a mess on the battlefield, unless of course it was the proper kind using his slugga or knife. Suddenly, he could hear the noise and fury of all the orks mustering toward the trukks, a bullhorn bellowed forth orders from Ror-Ruk the Warboss, “Da red gits are attacking, let's go make 'em redder!!!” This was followed by the bellowing cheers of all the orks shouting forth their excited glee and the revving of engines.

“Oy you, get off that dump and git o'va 'ere, it's time to go bash some 'eds!” Shouted Slapgit at Zitgut.

“Com'n boss!” said Zitgit who suddenly hurried to finish his task and retrieved his gear while his fellow runts moved into the nearby ruins to take their positions...

The pic about shows my force which is: 1 Ork Warboss, 1 Painboy, 2 units of ork boys with sluggas/choppas with a powerklaw nob and a trukk with Rokkit launcher, 10 grots with a Runtherd and 1 artillery gun (kustom mega blasta) with an ammo grot.
The marines consisted of 1 Mastery Lvl 1 Librarian in Terminator armor, 2 tac squads of 10 with missile launcher and flamer and a Whirlwind.

Looking at what the marines had, especially after Jim rolled Inferno as his psychic power, I just foresaw that soulblaze was going to wreck my army. And if he got close enough to use that primaris power with the template, I was going to be in trouble.

The scenario was Purge the Alien (appropriate). Jim won the roll off to set up first.

Red Marine deployment
Ork deployment
Jim split his marines into combat squads and spread his troops along his line, taking advantage of the available high ground.

I put both trukks, loaded with boyz and the warboss / painboy respectively on the flanks, put the grots in the middle as bait, and put the artillery down where I thought it might have the best target opportunities.

I was unable to steal the initiative, and the Red Marines unleashed hell.

""In coming!"
Lots of dead grots!

He heard a terrible noise, and felt the ground shake. He saw the fiery plumes of smoke rising up from the ruins nearby. Zitgut knew he had to get back with his runts, or get left behind. He knew he was already in for it when Slapgit saw him next. However when he rounded the corner, he was awestruck by the carnage before him. His fellow runts were ground zero of those explosions he saw and most of them were now burning in promethium, or dismembered from the explosion. Screaming, moaning, dying; It was grisly. Before he could take it all in, a hand grabbed him, it was his master Slapgit,.

“Git o'va 'ere, we're about ta make a go at it! Those red gitz are gonna learn what our choppa boyz can do, an we're gonna be right dare wid 'em! Let's go!” 

 As Zitgut and the other two surviving runts, Dagbit and Dripgor set off following their master, Zitgut noted his master, who seemed somewhat unmoved by this horrible scene, like he was used to it, or worse, like he was enjoying it. 

Like he was in his element.

The Librarian moved his squad in closer to get within range of the Warboss' Trukk. The Librarian attempted to incinerate the trukk with his inferno power but he failed to roll high enough to match or exceed the AV of the trukk. After a few shots were fired from the marines, the trukk roared towards the Librarian's squad...

...and unleashed the warboss and his crew of Goffs!

After losing one Goff to an overwatch hit, the orks swarmed the marines, killing all but one. The duel between the Librarian and the Warboss ended with the Warboss crushing the life out of him with his powerklaw. The Ork mob cheered on Warboss Ror-Ruk as he held aloft his new trophy, a Librarian force axe!
The fall of the Librarian and his unit. 
On the other side of the table. the other trukk mob, led by the painboy, killed another combat squad that had moved into the ruins. The Dok's Feel No Pain blessing kept me from losing any boyz in this entanglement.

Turn 2, and Red Marines found themselves very much on the defensive! In the pic below, you can see in the middle ground a squad of marines emerging from the nearby ruins, the whirlwind behind them, and behind that another squad perched in the distant ruins. All three of these units unleashed hell on my Warboss and his unit. The goff boyz died all around Ror Ruk but he stood in the smoke and flames, defiantly pressing on towards them.

Desperate, the nearby marines fired and charged Ror Ruk...

,,,and although they managed to inflict 2 wounds on him, he killed the squad, except for one marine.

The surviving Marine disengaged (apparently knowing just enough fear to know when to back the hell off)...

...only to be chased down on the 2nd Ork turn by Ror Ruk!  During the shooting phase the warboss tried to shoot him in the back but the stout Astartes armor withstood the crude ork munitions, and the marine turned to face his foe...

Meanwhile my artillery gun fired another shot at the whirlwind. In the first turn I hit with it but failed to roll a high enough penetration to effect it. and on turn two I scattered so badly that I hit the trukk that I had just moved to a new position after it picked up the 2nd goff mob.

Scatter time!
Thankfully the trukk was only shaken.

They trudged on, the battlefield seemed to be on either side of them. They could see the energy beams of the Kustom Mega Blasta artillery piece lancing towards an unseen target, hear the cheers of the ork boys all around and hear the reports echoing from the Astartes bolters. Yet they themselves didn't seem to be in the fight. Runtherd Slapgit seemed annoyed by this fact.

“C'mon you runtz, weez gots ta git in da thick of it!” he slapped his whip in the air to resonate his urgency and the three grots stepped up their pace.

Hand to hand time, and as you might have predicted the warboss ripped the lone marine apart.

Still, kudos to a very heroic last stand!
Marine turn 3, and the whirlwind again sought to immolate the Warboss Ror-Ruk...

We pictured him walking coolly with the wall of fire behind him..
...but the multi-launcher's shot scattered, detonating the ground behind him in a way that only Hollywood action heroes would ever experience.

Meanwhile the Red Marines in the ruins used a krak grenade and lots of bolter shots to finally wreck the trukk. The boyz disembarked, passing their pin test. On my turn, they fired upon the Red Marines and charged them. These three marines would tie up this ork unit for quite a few close combat phases.

Turn four, with my Warboss getting closer (and failing his charge distance roll last round) the Whirlwind crew decided that sticking around and waiting for the Warboss to engage them with that power klaw was akin to madness, so they surged toward the Ork lines, looking for easier targets. And they found the grot unit, or what was left of it. and blasted it. One grot survived toheonslaught, but was easily routed.

Sole survivor!
Suddenly, around the bend,the object of the grot's previous immolation came into view. It was the Red Marine's Whirlwind, and it's multilauncher was aimed right at them! With a fury, it fired, and as it did so the Slaver that raised Zitgut from just a wee runtling, the Runtherd Slapgit, raised his arms and bellowed in arrogant defiance. Slapgit, Dagbit and Dripgor disappeared in a thunderous wall of fire, the noise alone knocked Zitgut off his feet, and landed on his back as bits of his former companions , and owner, peppered the around around him along with the bits of rock and debris that was the ground they had been standing on. Quickly scampering back to his feet, he snatched up his gun and ran as fast as he could back toward the camp!
Finally, turn 5 arrived, the whirlwind moved up again, missing it's intended target (I honestly don't recall what it shot at).

The orks fighting with the unit in the ruins finally prevailed, killing all but one marine who retreated back toward's his line.

Here's another view of that same scene, with the orks chasing after the last marine.

The game ended, with the orks claiming the Linebreaker Secondary Objective!

"That's right, you bet'ta run ya red git!" 
For only a 500pt game, Jim and I had a lot of fun, even with the heckling from the brutes playing Bolt Action on next table, and we really got a lot out of it. In the end the orks were victorious: 8vps to 3vps. It was one of those rare games where I managed to catch all of the Secondary Objectives. Still, had Jim been able to make a proper Blood Angel list, even at 500pts, I am quite certain that the outcome would have been messier. Also, the orks killing the Librarian on the bottom of Turn one robbed the Red Marines of a weapon that they could've used to cleanse the orks from the board (with fire!). My MVP was definitely the Warboss, while my most frustratingly useless unit, for the 2nd game in a row, was the artillery.

He woke up, confused. There was a bright light shining in his eye.

“Wa? Where am I?” Zitgut muttered,

Below the light was the smiling maw of the Painboy, Stiches Da Bastard. He knew something bad had to have happened to him. He moved his head slightly around, and realized he was wired into a metal cylinder of some sorts. He could feel his appendages, or see them.

“Shhh, quiet now, we're almost done wid your upgrade, and we don't need ta be answer'n yur predicktable quest'chuns at dis time.” said the Painboy, nonchalantly.

But Zitgut knew what was happening, he had heard of this fate but never dreamed it would be his. He never dreamed he'd become a Killa Kan! Zitgut let out a chuckle, and grinned widely.

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neverness said...

It was while putting the dead grots up during turn one that I realized I left one off the table during deployment. Leave it to Jim and I to explain that the grot left off the table during deployment was left behind taking a dump, only to catch up to his unit to find them mostly on fire!