Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Eeew, Grotti

While reading through the delicious additions to the Chaos Daemon lists in the Curse of the Wulfen rules book, I came across the rather potent wargear item called Grotti. He is the foulest nurgling ever, so foul that fielding him reduces the Toughness of all non-daemons of Nurgle on the board by -1. That's one hell of an awesome item! I quickly thought that, like an ammo grot, or a spell familiar this needs to be represented by a model to place along side whichever model that has Grotti accompanying him.

Digging through the bitz box I found that I had some loose plastic nurglings. So I picked out a fellow I thought would do a fine job standing on his own as the loathsome Grotti and stuck him on 28mm slotta base.

Grotti on a 28mm slotta base.
Being a slotta base, and a model with no slotta, I would have to fill in the slot. I use this technique a lot, but rarely show it on this blog. Basically I tape the bottom of the slot after the model has been affixed (usually) and pour PVA glue into the top.

Tape secure from beneath. I used 'Artist Tape' for this. 

Filled in the hole with PVA glue and began to add some grit. 
After that was done I used a glue/water mix to spread all over the top of the base. Before it had any chance to dry the whole model was plunged into a bag of course basing material. Afterwards it is taken outside and primed with the appropriate paint. In this situation I decided I wanted his colors to be more intense so I went with a white primer.

Nurglings are usually depicted in a variety of colors and I intend to do likewise with mine. But for Grotti I am indecisive about how exactly I want him to look. Should he appear greenish like a scabby looking pea? Or more of an olive drab? Or a fleshy clammy looking ball of something that escaped Fabious Bile's personal blood dumpster?

Too many decisions really, but it got me thinking about nurgle colors, and how I want my Nurgle Daemons and my Deathguard Chaos Space Marines to look. And it got me self-debating whether or not I wanted to strip the paint off of my early 90s Deathguard or try to integrate new models in with them.

-"Indecision clouds my vision".
 This upcoming nurgle  project may be more challenging to me than I realize... but I'm excited with the possibilities regardless!


Kushial said...

no matter the color greenish you end up choosing, need to figure out how to get a "wet" looking finish so he's good and snotty looking.

neverness said...

Oh, that's no problem: gloss varnish. You can even add it in layers too for more icky sheen!