Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chaos Aspiring Champion (part 3)

After pecking at the details I eventually reached a point where I decided that I was done enough with the painting that I could begin to assemble the model.

By pecking, I mean that I was absolutely scrutinizing this thing. Adding details (necklace attached to the chaos medallion), touching up errors (it seems I was sloppy with the gold bits and had to fix the black areas a lot), repainting bits I disagreed with (the skull on the base; just couldn't get happy with it) and then the backpack  (that head on the backpack took some time especially). A very involved model and not one for beginners.

I knew that before I assembled him I was going to have to add the Black Legion decal to his right paldron first. This model is tricky and accessing the areas with the control I try to have with decals would be tough. So after applying the Mico Set on the area and then the decal I brushed on top of that went more Micro Set. Which did what it advertises: it flattens and bonds the decal to the surface better. I love this stuff!

Then I began the assembly! First on went the left arm, then the other 2 parts to his shoulder pad and then the backpack. I did each bit in stages so that the glue had time to bond properly.

And the final part of model was his axe weilding arm. He looks wicked-impressive now that he is finally in one piece!

The moment of complete assembly.

Rear view. 
After a few final touch-ups the flock was added and then the matte varnish. And here he is, finally completed and ready to lead a sqaud of renegades to war.

Love to know how that arm is supposed to move...

How wise is using a face to hold up a weighted chain?

"Time to find someone to cut!"
Challenging model, but I am satisfied with the end results. I have another one of these models, and I am trying to decide how I want to approach painting it...


Kushial said...

He came out very nice looking .... I wanna punch him with a Dreadnought close combat weapon LOL.

neverness said...

Nah, he'll probably die to like a snap-firing bolt pistol in his first game, but I'll take a heroic death like "squashed by dread" over his likely demise.