Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bolt Action- British Infantry (part two)

...yeah so these guys got neglected for a year. Not on purpose, it just happened that I put them up to make room for a different project and all but forgot about 'em!

Something put the inspiration into me to finish these guys, since they are mostly done and it's all detailing from here out. Most likely I just needed a break from painting red and/or black space marines.

The devil is in the details with these lads, so much so that I had to break out a new, and finer-tipped, brush in order to get to it all. These details are their guns, accessories and clothing elements that stand appart from the rest of their uniforms. I used Folk Art Metallic Sequin Black on the metel bitz, as this makes for a good foundation for a dark metallic color. This color tends to look better on larger areas though, as it seems to look like gloss (or greasey?) black on smaller surfaces and parts like the weapons on these models.

In addition to focusing on finishing this Infantry Section I am also painting up the PIAT Team that I wrote a post on last year. They too are coming along nicely I think.

"He's in my sights Jenkins, it's time to show Jerry what for!"

With hope, these guys should get completed soon before returning to my blood-drenched chaos maniacs.

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