Friday, August 26, 2016

Bolt Action: British Infantry Division (Part Five)

A'hoy there! As I declared in the last post, these lads are done! All I had left to do was add some static grass and some grass tufts and that was it.


"Take this table!!!"

However I decided that these models would be the perfect candidates to try a touch of a bit more realism: leaves. 28mm scaled ones anyway.
Bag O mini leaves.

I first became aware of this nice modeling accessory a few years ago while skimming through the gallery page on Warhammer-Empire's Brush and palette page. Somebody had used these on a city street scene and it made the whole thing look so much more alive. My local gaming store got some of these in stock with their Secret Weapon Masterclass Scenics supplies and I had to buy a pack. I was hoping to add them to my death castle project but since I never got back around to ever finishing that, the pack of leaves remained unopened. Until now that is!
Now with leaves.
I applied them by first adding a dot of PVA glue to the spot on the base that I want the leaf to go and with a pair of tweezers I then pressed the leaf onto the selected area. After letting the glue to dry, they were finally finished. The added flourish of the fallen leaves does add that touch of realism that I hoped to get by their inclusion.

"Crikey, where in hell have we been deployed too?" 

(The dynamic artistic shot)
With that, the first phase of my Bolt Action British Army is complete. I have another 10 Infantry left to complete, some spotters and Command Offiers and that will get me mostly done with phase 2 unless I decide to add something else. Phase 3 is a box of Red Devils and some Wargames Foundry Home Guard on bicycles. I am toying with getting some heavy artillery and maybe another tank, but we'll see. I want to keep this fairly small and not get carried away like I tend to do with 40k.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Go big or go home! The common consensus seems to be that i didn't like bolt action as I only played small games, bigger is apparently better (though no one had an answer when I asked what my incentive was to expand my forces when I was bored with it...).

And yes the leaves are great! I've used them on my Quar and Infinity bases.

Siph_Horridus said...

Great leaves, really add to the bases.

neverness said...

Thanks Mr. Horridus and Cheef, much appreciated.

I hope to have my first game with Bob soon. It's been far too long, but better late than never.