Sunday, August 07, 2016

Bolt Action - British Infantry (part three)

Work progresses on these guys, as I find myself being pulled into the details that these wonderful models have.

Here you can see where I added a highlight color to the khaki backpack, straps and other khaki items.

I use Folk Art Linen on top of the brown base-coat before highlighting with Delta Ceramcoat Raw Linen. Incidentally these are also the colors I use on my Empire troops for WHFB and other fantasy figures. (To see examples of them scroll down on the other-armies page.)

Next, I highlighted the helmets. I used an old color that came from the Epic Paint-set that GW made in the early '90s, although I don't recall it's name. It had turned into a weird mix of plastic slime and something akin to liquid greenstuff with the separated medium pooled on top of it. I was able to mix it up enough to get a working paint out of it though and it worked as a great highlight color on top of the Forest Green Apple Barrel paint. I suspect I may have to seek out a replacement color for this at some point.

Also I applied a color onto the guns that's even older: the original Bolt Gun Metal from the Space Marine Paint set of '89. This was still the best version of Bolt Gun Metal ever produced as it was darker and had a more 'forged iron' look to it. It looks fantastic dry brushed over FolkArt Metallic Sequin Black. Sadly, my supply of this amazing color is running low and I hope Coat D'arms has it still but with a new name.


While working on the Infantry Section in the section of this post, I finally decided how I wanted to finish up the remaining plastic models I have left over from the boxed set (unlike GW kits, Warlord kits will allow you to make a lot more units!). Need for more support teams seems obvious and the killing potential of even the 2" mortar seems worthy to try out (particularly in the upcoming new edition which will introduce templates). So here is what I pieced together last night:

Before the helmets. 
If you are a regular GW player/modeler, all I can say is that you've been spoiled. Spoiled by simplicity. This kit is not for the speed modeler, as a lot of the accessories are tiny and require patience and skill with glue application to get them to go where you want them to go. I have a pair of tweezers that I keep on hand in my modeling toolbox and I found them to be very helpful with assembling these models.

With the helmets. 

I have since  added grit to the base and they are ready to prime!

More soon!


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