Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in review

While 2016 may have been a crappy year for many reasons here on earth, it was an awesome year for our hobby particularly witb GW releasing some very cool 40k products. Thankfully so, as we needed the escape!

As is my tradition on this blog I shall feature, or link, the projects I finished this year. I completed a lot of painting projects this year, I also started some that I haven't even blogged about yet, and I also made progress on few long running projects that have yet to be finished.

It seems that the first thing I completed were some of the Harlequins I have been clowning around on. Although my collection has expanded significantly, thanks to the release of Deathmasque, I haven't made progress beyond these 3 models. The Death Jester wasn't finished until the summer though.

The first half of the year was focused on my Black Legion. A unit was completed along with an Aspiring Champion. The Chaos Bikers are nearly done as well but other distractions pulled me away from them.

I did some work on my Imperial Assassins, only one of which did I finish, the Eversor Assassin. The others are still in line, but not enough progress was made to make a new post (yet).

In one of my proudest achievements this year I completed a Section of British Infantry for Bolt Action along with a PIAT Team. Also I almost finished a Bren Carrier as well and the remainder of my British BA force is more than half-way painted. I look forward to getting them completely finished.

The launch of Kill Team has inspired me to focus on some of my 40k armies that I rarely get to play with or model, and the stand out team so far has been my Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors. I am pleased with how my paint jobs turned out as well as how they have done in the game also. I have other Kill Teams planned as well and hopefully I can get them painted up and running in the New Year.

Pretty much out of no where I painted up an alternate model for my Space Wolf Warlord, Sven Axegrinder. It felt good to work in Space Wolf colors after setting them asside for so long. I am considering doing a few more one-off character models for the Wolves in the New Year as well. Here's one that I have already started:

See you in the New Year, hopefully I will have new projects completed as well as some previously chronicled ones that have yet to be finished.


Da Masta Cheef said...

What set is that last Space Wolf from?

neverness said...

That is Wolf Lord Krom. He was the named character in the Sanctus Reach campaign boxed set, Mr. Hunter gave him to me. However this is a head swap, the original being a bit more dynamic than this old Long Fang head. Still, he is a sweet mini and I look forward to working on him.