Friday, December 02, 2016

Kill Team: Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors (part 5)

And finally, I finished these Warriors!

Blaster Pistol Sybarite and the helmetless Dark Kin.
After their trial by combat in a Kill Team game against The Bob, I was determined to finish them. I was pleased with how they performed and pleased with how they appeared on our local game store's terrain.

Vivjhian Throatpunch, finished at last.
Here is my Team Leader. I ultimately settled on making her over the top pommel/tassel-thing the same color as the head crests on some of the warriors. This was more of a result of indecision on my part than it was for the sake of thematic continuity.

In the next pic, you can see her sword more clearly. To get the shining glare effect I simply free-handed it on with Skull White using a detail brush.

The shiny blade is the sharpest blade.

Here's the first batch assembled and ready:

I used grass clumps, the sort of dead grass look that one might see growing up through the cracks in a vacant lot or what not. I think the bases turned out nice ans simple and don't distract from the models themselves. Here's the second group

Finally, I took them outside and sprayed on Testors Matte Lacquer to finish them off.

Once the finish was dried it was time to place them in the massive moss patch that grows next to my house for some action shots. Enjoy!

Hunting Exodites.

"I thought the webway portal was over here..."

So that's if for this Kill Team. The urge to paint up some Reavers, a Venom or a Raider or even some Scourges is tough to resist, I must confess. However I have other projects I have yet to finish, as regular readers may know ("Ever gonna finish those Chaos bikes? Whatever happened to your Space Wolves?" etc.), that I would like to get knocked out of the infinite painting queue sooner than later.

But a Raider might look pretty cool in these Obsidian Rose colors though... ;)


Da Masta Cheef said...

Insert 'Are you ever going to do anything with that FW Squiggoth?' inquiry here....

neverness said...

Yes, when I have a dedicated workplace to do it in. So...a few years out on that one still?