Thursday, February 16, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (Part 3)

Pushing on from the last post, I continued working on these models by completing the base-coating of the blue areas and washing Chestnut ink into the recesses of their gold armor. I then highlighted the black Aquilas on their chests with a dark gray followed by a glaze of Nuln Oil.

After all the steps above were applied.

After this I worked on their eyes before moving on to highlighting the blue areas.

Eyes done and highlights on blue.
Looking at the photo above, and scrutinizing it, I felt like the highlights on blue came out sloppier than I would like, so I attempted to tone it down with a blue ink wash.

After the ink wash
This seemed to satisfy me. Also I went ahead and painted the left leg knee pads in dark blue. I haven't entirely determined what is going to be on those pads yet, but I am thinking I want to put a number or numeral that designates their squad or company affiliation on that spot.

Next, I began applying Shinning Gold to the armor.

Ohhh shiny.

Now the models are beginning to really tighten up as I start to make my way down to the final stages. In the next post I will discuss the Celestial Lions iconography, as it's possibly the most obsure chapter in the entire GW canon in this regard.


Siph_Horridus said...

Have you checked out Liberator Gold for a final highlight on the Gold areas? It's an amazing colour. I used to do a final highlight of Runefang Steel, but the Liberator Gold is an awesome warm Gold.

Looking great.

neverness said...

Don't have that color but I will check it out. Thanks!

Mordian7th said...

Those look great, man - good stuff!

neverness said...

Thanks! I look forward to completing them.