Sunday, February 19, 2017

Polar Skirmish

 The Bob and I got in another Kill Team game. Again we went with Dark Eldar vs. Dark Angels. Just to break up the monotony we decided to play on our local store's snow board. After searching for as many scenery pieces that we thought went with it best, we set up a board that we felt was simple and pleasing to our eyes (and the camera).

Next we selected a mission, and we decided to keep playing these in the order that the missions are presented in the Kill Team book. Being our third Kill Team mission against each other, we logically chose #3: Head Hunt. Both sides are tasked to eliminate the other side's leader. Back in December I played this scenario against Screech's nids but that proved to be a total debacle due to their Instinctive Behavior rolls. But he did manage to snuff out my leader! This game would be a bit more of a typical encounter without so much confusion and mass routes.

Dark Eldar deployment, left flank.

Dark Eldar deployment,  total quadrant. 
Having tissue paper for armor against those Space Marine bolters it only made sense that the Dark Eldar would be placed in cover. The marines did likewise, but more to avoid LOS from my Reaping Splinter Cannon than any real fear of my weapons AP.

Dark Angels deployment.

He failed to Seize the Initiative so I went first. With exception to a few strategic moves, the Dark Eldar mostly stood their ground and fired their weapons. They killed 2 Marines in the first round of firing which I thought was a pretty good start.

1st round shooting
The Dark Angels in cover returned fire, while the other half of their force marched toward the ruined cathedral in search of their target.

Dark Angels 1st Round advance
Dark Eldar Turn 2, and it was obvious that the Dark Angels would need to have their advance cut off. I sent 3 DE out to intercept them: the Sybarite, the Shedder and the female without a helmet.

Xenos meet The Unforgiven on Turn 2..
One of the marines was taken out by a shot from the Sybarite's fusion pistol, while the shredder scattered wildly. The DE charged, but the shredder was killed by Overwatch. The Sybarite easily snuffed her foe (her trait allows her to wound on 2+) and she consolidated away from the fight in a vain effort to seek cover away from the vengeful bolters what would be turned her way. The female was locked in combat, saved by a Feel No Pain roll of a 6!

Kill Spree! Note that we decided to leave the dead for dramtic effect.

As expected, on their Turn 2 the Dark Angels gunned down the Sybarite. The rest leaving their companion to continue to wrestle with the DE woman while they proceeded back to their task of headhunting.

Elsewhere the Dark Eldar and Dark Angels traded more fire with each other.

The Hunt Continues

Turn 3, I moved the leader to higher ground and deeper cover while I had moved 3 DE Warriors down to the lower level to intercept the Dark Angels. However their efforts were laughable as the vengeful Dark Angels stormed the cathedral.  One Kabalite-warrior was melted in plasma fire while another was cut down by the fierce aggression of the Dark Angel Vet. Sgt. Leader himself!

Turn 3, Dark Angels storm the ruins!

Attack from above.
The DA leader Consolidated up a level in his persuit of the DE leader. On Turn 4 the DE now had Furious Charge as part of their Power Through Pain, and it was clear to me that the time to hide and run was over. The DE leader fired a splinter pistol into the Vet Sgt's head but luckily for him his armor deflected it.

A close quarters duel!
Then she dived down at him in an impressive charge. The Furious Charge helped and the Vet. Sgt was defeated.

The Dark Angel leader is defeated, the DE leader consolidates.

By this point, after much back and forth only one Dark Angel remained in the opposite ruins while the other half of the team had cleared the lower levels of the ruined cathedral of xenos scum.

A duel that started on Turn 2 finally ends on Turn 5!
We were starting to wonder if the melee that had started on Turn 2 was turning into something  a bit more inappropriate when finally on Turn 5 the Dark Angel bested his Dark Eldar foe.

With the Dark Eldar Lesder hiding on the top of the cathedral out of LOS of the Dark Angels on the ground, they turned their attention to the Kabalite-warriors who had left their positions in the other ruins and were now sneaking outside of the ruined cathedral. They opened up on the silhouettes and shadows of the xenos killing one of them.

Killing silhouettes. 
Having finally eliminated the last Dark Angel from the other ruins last turn, the Splinter Cannon looked for targets in the cathedral seeing the perfect shot through the windows. Impressive though this was, the Astartes made his save.

Reaping through the windows!
This next pic is the result of me trying to see if the Dark Angel had LOS to the DE Leader on the top of the cathedral, as to me I thought he did. But the camera proved otherwise.

LOS test.

It didn't matter though, as another Dark Angel had made his way up there and shot her, fullfilling his mission objective and getting revenge for his Veteran Sergeant.

In the pic below, you can see way down below in the opposite ruins a lone Dark Eldar Warrior breaking through the enemy lines.

The Dark Eldar leader falls!

It was a very good game! But we didn't realize just how tight things actually were until we tallied our VPs.

Dark Eldar VPs
First Blood 1
Missile Launcher (Specialist) 1
Leader 3
Break Enemy  1
Linebreaker 1
= 7 VPs

Dark Angels
Leader 3
Sybarite  (Specialist) 1
Shredder (Specialist) 1
Break Enemy 1
Linebreaker 1
= 7 VPs

-A true tie!

Thanks again Bob, looking forward to more Kill Team games soon!


Siph_Horridus said...

Looked like a lot of fun, I may have to investigate Kill Team when I can't be bothered to transport an entire army! I like the idea of each lowly marine being an individual with its own heroic battle stories.

neverness said...

It really is my favorite aspect of it. Think about how much attention be put on the individuals of a squad when we model and paint them only to have to pull them off the table by the fistfull in a typical 40k game. Kill Team allows these models to be individuals and heroes that they might not ordinarily get to be in a standard 40k game.

Greg Hess said...

I am still a bit confused on the kill team rules. Can you take just 1 from elite, 1 from fast, and then some from troops?

Like in CSM, could I take 2 chosen, some standard marines, then two bikes? Is that legal?

neverness said...

Actually you just build a list like you would from a standard 40k game, with a limit of 200pts, 1+ Troops and a limit of 1 Elite, 1 FA and no HQ or Heavy. No armour save better than 3+.

neverness said...

Oh, an no, you don’t have to take a mandatory Troops choice. You could have just Thunderwolves if played Space Wolves of just Jetbikes if you played Eldar.