Friday, June 30, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (Part 8)

Welcome to Part 8 of this series, which we could subtitle as Icon and Decal Hell. After finishing off a side project or two, I got back to the grind of trying to finish off these guys. After a few touch ups it was time to focus on those Chapter badges, which I am doing by hand and with aid of a stencil.  The first thing I do is hand paint the basic shape, then I go over that with the stencil to guide the rest of the shaping process. I continue to tighten it up until I am satisfied with results.
The Chapter Icons, halfway thru the process.
The other side is also a time consuming process even though it looks like it shouldn't be. What I do is apply the Tactical Icon decal and paint over it. However those Space Marine shoulder pads are not at all welcoming to decals, and without Micro-Set I would go mad fooling with them.

Tactical arrows applied.

Next I added the '2' icons to their left knee pads, again using Micro-Set.

'2's added to knees.

Then using Folk Art English Mustard I paint over the white Tactical arrows. I had to do this in multiple layers which unfortunately made some of these appear 'muddy' or splotchy. Hopefully this won't appear so obvious after I seal the minis.

Arrows recolored.
After a few more touch-ups and detail chasing, it was time to glue on the backpack and bolter to these two guys below. They are to the point were I feel that I can declare them as 'done'.


The other guy with the magnet arms, I am focusing on him next. Then the Vet. Sgt. After that I will only have the Land Speeder left to complete and I will be done with this Celestial Lion project. So close, yet so far... :)


Siph_Horridus said...


Marc van Holst said...

Space Marine shoulder pads really are a pain. My Dark Angels decals are the widest at the top, which makes it difficult to fit the curvature of the pad without air gaps. MicroSol and MicroSet help, but it is still frustrating. Your Lions are looking great so far, bravo :-)

neverness said...

Thank you both. The worst decals I ever applied to Space Marine shoulder pads were the 2nd edition era Space Wolf decals. I often had to cut out the air bubbles with an xacto and paint in the holes.