Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Space Wolf Scouts (part 1)

Shadow War Armageddon has given me the excuse I needed to finally get my Space Wolf Scout project started. I have been using a set of old metal Scouts with my Wolves for years, but I was never terribly passionate about them. Especially the actual Space Wolf sculpted ones with atrophied and/or flayed looking arms (seriously, how were those ever approved for production?!).

For my Scout Kill Team, I put together 3 plastic Scouts, and with a reluctance to hack up any Scout parts in order to have a Meltagun and a Plasma Gun, I decided to incorporate these two old metal Space Wolf Scouts into my new Kill Team -for now anyway. How their paint jobs turn out will determine their fate. The other metal scouts are going to get bumped over to the Ultra Marines as I feel that they will work better over in that army.

Space Wolf Scout Kill Team.
During the building of the Shadow War Kill Team list I also came up with names for the scouts. From left to right, we have the Scout Sgt Magnus Stormborn, Scout Ulf Blackstone, Scout Rolf Krakentooth, Scout Gunner  Tryggr Thunderclaw, and Scout Gunner Gunnar Murderbreath.

Magnus Stormborn was a fun model to construct. I used the marine arms from a mix of older Space Wolf sprues. I positioned the arms a little bit high on the torso so that the top of the shoulders just passes the top edge. This gives the illusion that they are more like the shoulder pads on the arms of the plastic scouts.

Sgt. Magnus Wolfborn.

Having stated that, I am still tempted to put at least one paldron on him in the spirit of the first Wolf Scout Sergeant I painted back in the '90s.

"I'm not a Space Crusader, I am an Advanced Space Crusader!"

However if I do do that, I think I'll pass on giving him white gloves...


Da Masta Cheef said...

Murderbreath? Lemme guess, the 'Mrs.' calls you that in the morning, right?

neverness said...

I knew you'd like that name! LOL.
And not normally, no.