Death Castle

Death Castle is a project that I started on a many years ago. It was my 1st ever attempt at any sort of a modeling blog, and you can see it, as well as the reactions to it, on I got stuck at a certain point with it and just couldn't figure out how to proceed with it. I have since figured out the problem, only that WH40K has been a major focus for me during the brief periods of time that I can devote to hobbies. With the release of Blood in the Badlands there are finally siege rules again for Warhammer, and it just might be time for me to complete this project...

Whenever I do work on it again, I will post updates on this blog as well as on warhammer-empire.

.Death Castle

A quote from the 1st post (sans deadline, 'cause that got shot way down!):

This is my restoration blog, and over the course of time I shall update it with my repairs and improvements. I intend to make it a full warhammer piece. I imagine that this castle is a small boarder fort that has seen quite a bit of action, so I’m going to attempt to maintain a weathered and wearied look about it while embellishing it with marking of the Empire. Listed below are the steps I need to take:
· Add a base. A lot of the damage the castle endured was a result of a lack of a stable base.
· Crenulations. The castle needs this to be usable as a defendable position. Also enlarge the opening above the gate to be able to support artillery and/or siege defenses.
· Make a real gate. The castle never had a proper one thus making the opening, which was big enough to let a Rhino pass through it, far too inviting to attackers.
· Repair wall sections. I have enough left over foam pieces to be able to fully restore it.
· Enlarge the upper deck. Reviewing the siege rules that have came out over the years, it seems that the upper walls are too narrow and although they easily support one model are just too small to support two. I’ll need to enlarge this to accommodate combat on it without risk to our models.
· Add an internal building of some kind probably a tower.
· Add stairs. However I may skip this if I go with a tower that abuts the wall.
· Level the top of the wall. The melting caused by spray paint has caused stability issues that can result in some models easily falling off the walls. I’m considering making the top magnet friendly
Follow the link above the pic to read more.
And enjoy.



Recent Photobucket policy changes have endangered the original thread/series on Warhammer-Empire so I have decided to re-present the entire thing here on my blog.

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