Sunday, May 24, 2020

Bad Moon Nob (Part 1)

Back in late May of 2019 I found a game store close to my job that sold used miniatures, and I was able to score a complete Ork Boyz boxed set (sans box) for a very generous price. I had been wanting to whip up a Bad Moons unit of Boyz to supplement my budding Bad Moons regiment. Like, a week later I lost my job, and that entire project went to the back burner; but not before I was to construct a single model for the unit: the Nob.

Flesh base coated.
 While working on my Dreadtober project I found myself with too much of my orky flesh wash mixture, so I snatched this guy out of the queue and got him painted up to that stage.

I didn't touch the model again until fairly recently. I next base coated the yellow areas using Fiery Orange.


Then it was back to the skin which I used a color called Kiwi. Sunburst Yellow, a discontinued yet still amazing, Citadel Color paint from the '90s, was painted on the armor. I had to apply two coats however to really work out the splotches.

Sunburst Yellow coat. 
He's getting there, and hopefully with my (albeit challenged) persistence I will be able to finish him and the squad he belongs to.


Rory (Stepping Between Games) said...

Nice progress chief.

Zzzzzz said...

He's cheerful lookin'

If you ever want to talk about sisters, do let me know....

John Shaw said...

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