Saturday, August 01, 2020

2020 Inquisitional Conclave Begins!

Let the gathering begin!

As I discussed in the last post, August will be the gathering of the 2020 Inquisitional Conclave. And so far we have a few Inquisitors who have declared to show up. 

First off, I decided to just do up the Ordo Malleus Terminator that I have had since '89. Just refer back to the previous post for a pic of that miniature since I have no updates at this time.

My old friend and nemesis Da Masta Cheef brings us Ordo Hereticus Oblivi'anna. You can find out more about this mini and follow this project over at Da Wayz Dezert Groop.

This entry is by Jon and it is the old Rogue Trader era Hooded Tabbard Marine miniature, and I agree with Jon, this will make a fantastic Inquisitor! He will definitely get a seat at the conclave. You can follow his progess on his blog at: 1stlegionchronicles.

The Bob finished and based the two models he let me show you last time:

"This is the one I will actually work on for the conclave:"

I look forward to seeing what Bob does to this one.

"And here are some various and assorted henchpeople:"

Awesome use of old minis.

I really dig these guys! 

Seems like a lighter kick-off than I had anticipated, but that's OK, just leaves more rosette shaped cookies for the rest of us!
However anyone can still join, just send me a pic and/or a link to

Next update in about a week!


Rory (Stepping Between Games) said...

Cool, I need to get started on mine for sure.

neverness said...

Yes, join us! And don't forget to bring your favorite servo skull!