Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Chariot of Waaagh!!!!

Around the same time I started to work on my Fantasy Orc army, particularly the first regiment, I also began work on my orc chariot.

Like the rest of my Orcs from the Warhammer 6th edition starter set, this was gifted to me by the generous Warfrog who toyed only briefly with the Fantasy rules before firmly giving in to the enrapturing call of the Hivemind.

This pic pretty much shows all he done with the chariot. The boars were mostly painted, the wooden parts were based coated brown and the metal bits were all a gleaming silver. This model was put together before GW had the sense to make chariot bases so only the boars had bases. I removed these first before painting anything else on this model, the state of which you can see above.

I spent a bit of time adding lighter layers of brown to the base coat that Warfrog used. I was tempted to take it lighter to an almost grey color to go with a sort of 'barn wood' look, but I like the brown that Warfrog used so much that I decided to stick with it.

The boars were then finished up. Pretty easy really. For such old models these boars still look great when painted up. Note that I used inks to dull and down-play the silver that Warfrog used on the metal bits; I just found them too shiny for my tastes.

Now, with exception to the riders, whom I admit, I actually painted their flesh a few years ago, I didn't touch this model again until last week. Everything you saw in the previous two pics was done back in May (2013). The riders were finished up in the past few days, and the base was flocked prior to mounting the chariot to it, and now, with exception to spraying the model with a sealer, it is done.

Done! And ready for war!


Out of the badlands in search of rat men to squish!
So there you have it! The finished chariot! Depending on how well this does in battle I will consider adding another.


Edwin said...

You know, rob has a butt ton of warmachines that I don't think he wants. They came with the Goblins I traded him and even 2 orc chariots. You may want to talk to him

Da Masta Cheef said...

Ratmen to squish eh? lol, ya know I was painting that same chariot (albeit modified) last night...

neverness said...

Thanks for the tip Edwin, not really sure just how much bigger I want to grow this army. Probably a few artillery pieces and that ought to be it.

I am in search of lots of wolf tails however...

Yes Cheef, rats to SQUISH! Muhaha!