Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Rise of Mad Dok Grotsnik part 1

"Trepanning iz good on da brainz!"
Last weekend instead of playing our Friday night roleplaying session, Screech, Da Masta Cheef and I opted to play a 40K game. Cheef only wanted to used a 500 point "ally" wing of Grots from his Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun while I would field 1500 points of something vs. Screech's 2K points worth of whatever he would show up with. It didn't take long to decide to field my Orks, and with all this focus on painting and building an Orc army for Warhammer Fantasy, the desire to play with my greenskinned madmen has been high regardless of whether it be WHFB or WH40K. I knew I wanted to use the Shokk Attack Gun again, so I took a Big Mek and made him my army general. I opted to leave out my warlord, Ror-Ruk, in favor of trying to improve my army's survivability. Remembering  the fun I had a few years ago using Mad Dok Grotsnik, I decided to give him a go again. He has zero chances of living through a game due to his recklessness so it made sense to not make him the general. I mean, why just give away a Secondary Objective, right? :)

So, I took Mad Dok Grotsnik and attached him to a squad of Burna boys (these models are very old! One day I will show them off to you, probably close to that one day I start painting them. -quiet Cheef) who I stuck in a Gobsmasha (see Battlewagon build in the list area of your Ork Codex for rules). The elites in my army list, the Burna Boyz and Lootas, as well as my Big Mek, all got the discount Cybork bodies upgrade for improved survivability. The Burnas would benefit from the Feel No Pain special rule that Grotsnik would also bestow upon them.
Mad Dok Grotsnik and the Burna Boys having killed a Grey Hunter pack, consolidate closer to the next unit...
The details of our battle can be read here in gory detail courtesy of Mr. Cheef.

Aspiring Squigoth.

The take aways from this battle was:
  •  that when given the opportunity to shine, Burna Boyz can really do it! Even though we used a house rule (allegedly a rule-change, but I can't find an FAQ to support it) regarding the flame template weapons and Overwatch, they still kicked butt!

  • The other take away is that Cybork bodies for just 5pts is too good an upgrade not to take!

    "Aye'll take yoo all on I willz!!!"
  • Mad Dok Grotsnik can really soak up the incoming fire if the dice let him! He after leading the burna through 2 squads of Grey Hunters and assaulting a tank, he eventually net his demise to a disabled Predator with a lucky Las Cannon shot!
The Wolf Lord and the Nob challenge off. The Nob had a pool of 5 rerolls thanks to his ork mob.

  •  This game also was noteworthy of being the battle field debut of 'Ork Pizza' the squad of 30 Shoota Boyz that I have been ignoring for a few years. After finishing a regiment of spear orcs for WHFB I decided I would get these guys out of the way next. They performed very well, killing Screech's Wolf Lord in close combat.
The classic 'Ork Pizza' photo.

  • It was cool seeing the Grot Mega Tank finally get to shine in battle! Cheef was thrilled to see it actually destroy another vehicle for a change, and to have it survive a game!

So, yeah we won that battle, but regardless of the results, I was very pleased with Mad Doc Grotsnik. So much so that in what little spare time I had this week I tasked myself toward getting his paint job finished. The next two pics show how far I got with him before it was time to pack him back up for another battle yesterday.

I was thinking the cable that runs from the pump on his back to the syringe on his power klaw was going to be yellow with black stripes in a sort of power-cord look, but I think the colors I chose has a 'pissy' look about it which I find sort of gross and disturbing. So I might leave it as is, and color the syringe a similar color in the hopes of further disturbing those who might face him.

I am sort of stuck on his gun however. Have used the dark metals that I typically use on weapons on his arm, I want to contrast the gun from it but I am a bit stuck on how to do it. I hesitate reverting back to some of the gun colors that my orks that were painted in the late 2nd edition era have...  I shall ponder this further.

Citadel Color just released a new color called Blood for the Blood God that looks like a must have for me, and especially for Grotsnik's medical apron. One of our new players at Hobbytown is Mac (now nick named as Mac'n'cheese -he's accepted now!), and Mac showed me his recently painted Ultramarine with lightning claws where he used this color on the blades. It looks pretty impressive! I can't recall the last time I was this excited about a Citadel color...
As if my blog already isn't a massive free-plug for GW, go here to get it!

This is it for Part One. Part Two will be posted later in the week, as I take the army used in the previous battle and face off against Da Masta Cheef's Red Corsair Centurian and his Murder Sword! Stay tuned for those results! Also I will see how much more I can get done on Grotsnik's paint-job.

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