Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Orcs (part one)

With my new painting station in my studio space now set up, I wanted to get something going painting-wise. I decided to take a break from all the red that I have been painting (fear not, my fellow Khornites, I shall return to it soon!) and paint something....well, GREEN! I have been getting a lot of requests to play WHFB lately, but my time is so limited at the present that finding time to play anything has been a challenge I've yet to overcome. Nevertheless, I was on a pretty click with the fantasy orcs last year, and I decided that a bit more work on them might fuel my fire for fantasy. Now, I have every intention of getting to my Daemons, which I can use for both systems thus allowing me to stay 'khorney', however storage is something I still need to work out for them. So Orcs it is!

Over on the left is the first of this group of orcs that I fully painted. I finished him years ago (2009-ish?) and I wrote more about him last year when I started working on these Warhammer Orcs. Today I decided to work on the actual unit that he belongs too, so that me might join the rest of his boyz in all his double-choppa glory! While I'm at it, I will be ambitious and attempt to do the Arrer Boyz as well. 

For the most part, these models are pretty much in the state they were in when Warfrog gave them to me. But I had to add the grit to the bases before I could continue. Next, I painted the grit to help keep it from flaking off as I work on the models. 

Painting dirt to look dirtier. 
 The Arrer Boyz are a weird unit, and I toyed around with the ranking a bit while the paint was drying. The Choppa Boyz, in the back, rank up a heck of a lot easier than these brutes.

I took this next pic for the blog so you can see how much work is needed to get them up the finished model's level. Note that the drummer boy was base coated around the same time that I painted the lone orc, I guess I lost interest at that time?

And tonight, at my stopping point for the evening, I have added the Goblin Green level to the flesh of the Arrer Boyz. Still got to do the Choppa Boyz, then it's on to the ink washes.

Hopefully, by the end of this I will be sick of green again and want to get back to the Khorne guys. But, since I don't have to pack up minis every time I finish working on them any more, who's to say I can't jump around between projects? The difference is that I have vowed to not clutter up my table with endless projects like I did in the past... (link to my old man-cave) Yup, a real bona fide vow! 


Da Masta Cheef said...

OI! Dem's not wot fights da Bolt Akshun!

lol, that said, if you change your mind and decide you don't want these guys, I could always use more slaves for my Skaven...

neverness said...

Bolt Action will require a few more units then what I can currently field, so I put them off for a bot longer.