Saturday, May 16, 2015

Black Legion

As I stated in the chaos-bikers post, I intend to do most of my generic CSMs as the Black Legion. So I decided that before I paint up the bikers, I should probably do a few test models to see how well I like them and to settle on a paint scheme for them. You can see the results over to the left. I acquired these two models, along with the rest of their unit, from my younger brother, who in his teenage years, thought it would be cool to mix up the two basic boxed sets of Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines that were available at the time.

Back in the mid '90s GW kept a range of "cheap" smaller boxed sets on the market for each army. Some of them required assembly, and some were "push and play.snapfit" style. Regardless, they were a great way to fill out units or to get get people started with an army, especially at a price point between $9.99-$12.50.
Ah, the red...
So figuring that not all Chaos Space Marines are from the 31st Millennium, that newer traitors would have joined their ranks to fill those lost to attrition, or even that the older marines might have used newer equipment to replace the stuff that might breakdown, such as bolters or backpacks for power armor. It made sense to me, and still does. Here is what he cobbled together:

Mished and mashed.
Now, in hindsight, I think I might undo some of these conversions as I simply don't like the Imperium style backpacks on the chaos marines. They just look wimpy to me. So while I ponder what their fate will be, I picked out the two models that looked the most "chaosy" to me, and proceeded with the paint job.

There are no work in progress shots, as they were SO simple to paint that I was done with them prior to even considering it.

Before decals.
 I also got to finally put decals on something! But don't be fooled by my apparent joy on the matter, I really get frustrated with putting decals on Space Marine shoulder pads, they are just not receptive to having them applied and I find myself doing a lot of trimming and painting to touch them up.

But I like these results:

The chap on the left is a member of the "Hounds of Abbadon". I think that's what they're called, I don't have my Black Legion Codex handy to confirm it. Anyway, this sub-faction are Black Legionnaires who worship Khorne, and with my Chaos kick currently revolving around Khorne, it made sense to try out the scheme. Again, I like it. The chap on the right is just a standard Black Legionnaire. I actually think he's my favorite of the two models.

I am pleased with this test and plan to do more Black Legion models. More standard Chaos Marines, Havos, some Terminators and maybe a few odd-ball vehicles. Therefore I decided to make this another series, so stay tuned to the eventual, part two!


Imperial Recruitment said...

$9.90 - $12.50

Long gone are those days...

neverness said...

Not entirely, their current range of plug and play sets are $9.99, but the marine sets only have 3 models. The bigger problem is finding them!

Greg Hess said...

12.50 in the 90's is 25 bucks today (just in inflation).

Gotta remember that when figuring out the cost of things these days. I still got battletech guys in blisters for four dollars from back when I was a kid. Four of those guys costs about 37 dollars today (almost dead on inflation).