Monday, May 25, 2015

Pods to drop...part 13

Damn! It has been a year and half since I last touched this thread. The last post on the matter was sort of near the start of a transitional period in my life (job changes, moves, matters of the heart, etc.) During this period I focused very little on the Space Wolves in 40K,  but instead focused on a strange variety of models and armies. The Space Wolves have been, sadly, neglected. However, as I type this I am in the middle of another transitional period: I have started a new job. This new job had me go off and train in another city for two weeks. I wanted to take the Portable Neverness Kit out on the road with me again and with it, an easy to work on model. Looking through my options I found my 2nd Drop Pod which has been untouched since part-11 of this thread.

I didn't get much done, but in this model's case, a little equals a lot!

Not pictured, I finished painting the mid-tones and top layer colors on the outside hull of the drop pod. The only thing left to do is the highlights.

Next, with a pencil, I drew out the lines for the interior door strips. I have been very please with how this turned out on my 1st drop pod, and I think it looks very dynamic on the battlefield when it is deployed. So I will repeat this on my my drop pods.

The Fiery Orange stripes.
After I filled in the lines, I painted in the stripes with Fiery Orange 1st, before solidifying my line work with the next stripe which was done using Chaos Black.

The 1st yellow coat.
 I added additional layers of yellow until I was happy with it, and then I went back and really tightened up my line work. Oddly, I don't have a picture of their current state, but I can say that they look better that what you see in the above pics.

After finishing it, I decided to tinker with the door assembly and found that I needed to work on the doors or else I would be a victim of 'Problem #3'. According to an article on Bell of Lost Souls called drop-pod construction essentials, (which BTW, I highly recommend you at least read though it prior to attempting to properly build this kit) if you have too much flash or mold lines on the door bottoms, they will not shut right.

Removing the flash and mold lines. 

Here's a quote from that handy article:
The third most common error is not cleaning the mold lines off of the bottom of the doors. If you don't scrape these flat then the doors will not close all the way. You might want to shave these down a little more than seems necessary because when you add paint to the door bottoms and the base of the model, the added thickness may also prevent the doors from closing or rub the paint off due to friction. This model is very carefully engineered and the clearance on the doors is extremely close.

Now that that issue is resolved, I can move on to the rest of the kit. I am at a place with it now that I think I will focus on it again once I complete the current round of Chaos models. I want to play with my Space Wolves again soon and it would be really nice to run two Drop Pods instead of just one and a bunch of Rhinos...


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