Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chaos Bikers (part 4)

I finally moved on to working on the rest of my Chaos Bikers and I have begun the process of repairing them.
Awaiting the Superclean bath

Here they are awaiting their chemical bath, to be cleansed of the superglue nightmare that bound them together. I am using that purple stuff, Superclean, to remove the superglue. I let them soak in the stuff for a few days, but I'm convinced that the zipkicker abuse that these models went through will have to require more effort to get off. Luckily a few scrapes of an x-acto blade was all that was requried. 

Unfortunately the builder of these models also went over board on the plastic cement as well, which the Superclean doesn't touch, and I had to resort to some drastic measures. Using my jeweler's saw I hack-sawed the square bases right off of them. Although some of the tires got a bit damaged in the process, when I am done with the model you'll never know the difference!

And here is the temporary waiting area for these bikes, in all their various bits and pieces awaiting for more attention from me. The original owners were horrible not just in the construction of these models, but in the assembly prep as well, and I am finding, and removing,  a depressing amount of mould lines on these things.

Next up, the rebuilding process...

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