Saturday, November 28, 2015

Daemon Prince (part 1)

One of my local game stores holds a tournament for 40K on the 1st Sunday of each month, and I thought I knew the points needed for this past only to find I didn't have the points required in painted models. And obviously, at that time, my Chaos Bikers were not even close to being ready. So I had to skip that event. On my last visit to another store, Hobbytown, I decided to purchase a Daemon Prince that I could quickly assemble and paint, that perhaps I could use to give me some flexibility when it comes to points spread.

 I immediately had the notion to magnetize his right arm so I could equip him with different weapon options for WYSIWYG purposes. In the pic aboveyou can see how I had the idea to put the magnet inside the body.

And although it tested alright, once I had a magnet glued to an arm, it simply proved to be too feeble of a connection to hold the arm. After much frustration, I decided to just abandon the idea.

Moving onto the base, I proceeded to work up the idea he is on a shatter battlefield, yet tie it in with the bases of the other models in this army. Lot of big stones that one might imagine could have been part of a structure or a street perhaps? Regardless, I intend to have a few marine weapons scattered around to imply a recent fight that the Daemon Prince has won.

And the loser of that fight has his head being held up by the Daemon Prince. I like to think that the DP is perhaps speaking to the head.

Here the model has progressed and after the black primer was applied, I painted the fleshy areas with Scab Red  and added Terracotta paint to the base.

Next I added a Rusty metallic (Tin bitz) to the armor's trim.

Here is all of the parts with the base coat, and with Mephiston Red applied over the Scab Red.

The rear of the model showing the Mephiston Red.

The inner parts of the wings was glazed with Bloodletter Glaze, and new color in the current Citadel range that I just acquired and I was very impressed with how well it pops out the colors.

The rest of the model was washed with a combination of Black Ink and . I am shooting for the same color that I used on this Juggernaut that I finished a few months ago.

And this is my progress so far more updates soon!

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