Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fenrisian Wolves (part 1)

A few years ago, the exact weekend the ork Fighter Bomber kit was released, I took it, and a handful of other models that I had that were awaiting their turn for priming, out to my poach and primed them. One model was an ammo runt, which I finished a few months ago, and the other 5 models were Fenrisian Wolves. The day was 6/3/2012.

I figured I would paint them quickly since they consisted of mostly hair and should be easy to dry brush.

"Quickly" only applies however if you actually do more than simply prime them. Which I didn't, as I started on that Ork Fighter instead.

It didn't help much that in the first game that I used them, and every game since, they were horribly ineffective. (Examples: relic-fight, When-sisters-make-you-hot,  To be a Lone Wolf, and War-returns-to-Johnson-City.)

When my fiance and I went to Warhammer at Turkey Creek she bought me another box of Fenrisian Wolves (she loves wolves!). This means that I definitely need to get this unit painted up finally, especially now that they might actually be effective in the game as a pack of 10 models. I will try not to let their humble deaths in previous warzones interfere with their completion... and you never know it might even lead to me working on and playing with my Space Wolves again.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Its about time that you painted more Fenrisian wolves than I have!

neverness said...

Indeed it is! Past time actually.

neverness said...

Indeed it is! Past time actually.