Sunday, December 20, 2015

Daemon Prince (Part 4)

I have achieved my goal of getting this model finished before xmas, with almost a week to spare! Yay!

I shall review the final stages of completing this model, continuing from where I left off in part-3.
After a few touch-ups, I went ahead and added the dropped Space Marine accessories -a combat knife and bolter- onto the base, and then applied Blood for Blood God on the rocks as well as all over the hand of the DP holding the helmet/head of the dead Dark Angel.

With that out of the way, it was time to attach the wings.

Left wing attached. 

Right wing attached. 
 Thus completing the assembly of my Black Legion/Khornate Daemon Prince!

 I like to imagine that this Daemon Prince is talking to this head, not unlike a familar or a companion.

I also visualize that he just tore this marine apart and is gloating at the severed head, so I guess either idea works. I'm sure my opponents will care not as they bring whatever they can to bear on it in an attempt to destroy him!

Next, and finally last, I added the static grass tufts. This is a mix of GW and (another company that makes railroad scenery-I'll probably edit that in later when I recall it)'s product, and I think they worked well together.

And ta-da! He is complete and ready to terrorize my unwitting foes! (Unless, of course, they read my blog, in which case they're probably very witting and pretty much anticipating him).

Arriving on the Daemonworld of Unicoi, where the temperatures are unseasonable for this time of year...