Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Daemon Prince (part 2)

I got to spend this last Sunday home with my kid, and when the windows of opportunity briefly opened I was able to make progress on this beastie.

The pic above shows where I was working on the burning light that is errupting through his shoulder armor.

However the bulk of what I did was on the wings. I wanted a more fiery-orange effect to contrast from the darker skin tone on the body. Using an old orange color from the old Citadel Epic Paint Set, I applied this over the Bloodletter Glaze that I had applied already (see part 1) and I really liked how the intensity of the color was kicked up.

Here is a test fitting just to get a sense of how these colors are working together, and so far I am liking it. The color added a sort of glossy sheen to the wings, but I think I like this result as it conveys a sense of wetness.

Next, I highlighted the wings further by adding streaks of Fiery Orange. This really makes the wings appear more dynamic and I am considering painting my bloodletters like this when I finally get to them.

I proceeded to work on the flesh and armour. I added another old Citadel color, Red Gore, to the skin. I am reluctant to take the color up any further in highlights, but I am pondering it still. On the armor I painted the rims with Brass and Gold which corresponds with both my World Eaters and Black Legion chaos marines.

And here is the state he is in for the moment, but work proceeds...


Da Masta Cheef said...

My god! What's happened to his head???

neverness said...

Just not attached yet. Figured it was easier to paint the horns that way.