Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

What a year!

A year that saw me switch jobs (twice) and which saw the arrival of our first child, Son of Neverness, scourge of diapers! Not a lot of time for gaming or modeling but I squeezed some in where I could.

The first project of the year that I completed was this Sherman Firefly Tank for Bolt Action. It was a fairly simple paint job and I love how it turned it. During the spring I switched jobs and began working at one of the local hobby stores, where I was inspired by some of the local players to really get my British Infantry painted, but circumstances (not sure what those are at this time,, "circumstances!") have kept me from finishing them.

Still on a bit of fantasy kick at the start of the year, I focused on finishing the leader of my Orc & Gobo army this Black Orc Warboss.  This was immediately followed by a runt,squig and a gobo. The gobo being a testbed for my entire night goblin army, however with the uncertainty leading up to the release of Age of Sigmar, and the release of it as well, my WHFB armies are all in "pause" state.  Sad, I was really enjoying that project too.

Much of my hobby projects in 2014 involved my Chaos Space Marines, particularly the World Eaters of Khorne, which I declared in the 2013 review. that I wanted to start on these guys and it's been a lot of fun, so 2015 saw this project continue. One of the hold-overs from the summer of 2014 was Kharn the Betrayer which I am thrilled to have completed and to have used in a few games, one of which was against the Khorne Daemonkin which proved to be a bloody good game.

My chaos army was always intended to be a large smorgasbord of options and incorporate all 4 chaos aspects, with the Black Legion being the unifying factor that holds them all together. So these first two marines were to see how well, and how fast, I could paint up Black Legion guys. I intend to do more work on the Black Legion chaps soon.

After that tussle with the Khorne Daemonkin (linked above) I was inspired to build and paint up my old juggerlord-of-khorne so that I too could run my own Khorne Daemonkin army. I am please with how he came out, and I look forward to doing more with this army.

As a backlash to both AoS and the current edition of 40K, some of the local players resurrected the old game Gorkamorka and have been playing it. I had hoped to join in with that ruckus, with inspired me to paint up this ork-nob. I am still working on his fellow gangers.

The big project of 2014-15 was this Khorne vindicator, which if you follow all the pieces you can see if go from a solid glossy black take to what it eventually turned out to be. I am pleased with it, but I was sad to realize that the Vindicator was left out of the Khorne Daemonkin list. Never-the-less, it will enjoy a support role in my regular Chaos army.

Also inspired by the local Gorkamorka craze, I decided to finish up my model of the original weird-boy. He shall inspire both fear and cries of "WTF?!" when he hits the table.

I got Codex: Harlequins for my birthday and I couldn't resist the urge to paint a few of my old models up. I want to paint up a few more and even play a few small games with these Harlequins.

I have started a massive project to refurbish some old 3rd hand Chaos bikers that I have been holding onto forever. The first one was this Khorne champion chaos-biker.

And to finish out the year, I completed a Daemon Prince that I can use for either Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons or Khorne Daemonkin.

Looking into the New Year, I hope to complete more Black Legion models, and eventually move onto Nurgle and Slaanesh aspects of Chaos Marines and Daemons. I am also itching to do something with my Space Wolves and Orks. I would also like to finish up my British army for Bolt Action. And the Gate of Antares is truly beckoning...

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