Thursday, May 11, 2017

"...and the winner is:"

A week ago I announced a small and fun Anniversary "competition" for you readers to take part in, and I am glad to see that we had a few people participate (thank you!). The prize is an old metal marine and, if you choose, I'll even paint it!

"Pick a color, any color!"
After discussing it with a few friends we decided it would be best to disqualify anyone that I know personally (to avoid any perception of bias), and since they know me personally if they really want me to paint something all they have to do is ask, right? No, this thing was ment for all those other people from around the world that visit this blog, and as a way to reach out to someone I may likely never meet in person.

So per the rules established last week we have 6 qualifying contestants:

I had the lovely "Mrs. Neverness" pick out a die and roll it while I filmed it:

And presto, we have a winner: Adam McDaniel!

You can message me in the comments below to discuss what you will have me do with the miniature or message me privately at .

Adam, I am eager to see what you are going to have me do with this miniature, as I am sure some others are as well. Hopefully you haven't been swayed by any of the  hobby hooligans that are trying to make me regret this (for their amusement) and you have a...sane... option in mind! ;)

Alright, thanks again everyone, see you in the comments!

(Note: The winner has one week to respond/get in touch with me, otherwise the prize will be forfeited and I will randomly select another winner).


Asslessman said...

Congrats to the victor !

Rory Priest said...

Looking forward to seeing what they get you to do up.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Hobby hooligan!?!

Well yes, I do resemble that remark...

neverness said...

Guilty as charged! ;)

Siph_Horridus said...

Good stuff, well done. Shame I don't get a mini painted for me, oh well.... back to the painting table I go.

neverness said...

Well if you really really want me to paint a miniature for you I'm sure we can work something out...;)

neverness said...

Good news, I heard from Adam! He sent me his color choice as well, and thankfully it isn't some weird modernized camo (despite Da Cheef's efforts) but an Iron Warrior variant.

Stay tuned for future posts where I chronicle the construction and painting of this model.