Sunday, May 28, 2017

Anniversary Marine Project (Part 2)

And the work progresses....

Adam, winner of our birthday giveaway, stated how he would like the model's base completed in the first part of this series and I wanted to make sure I was making a good effort at it. I started with a darker brown, Folk Art Raw Umber, to give the ground some darker shadows.

Folk Art Raw Umber basecoat on the base.
Then I added the Stirland Mud. First I had to run down to the local hobby store to get it though as I didn't have it yet. It is a texture paint, and it looks like chunky mud or fudge from the Chocolate Fetish that somebody put into a Citadel paint pot, but rest assured, it definitely is a paint. It's a good product and great for basing models and I wish I had it for when I was working on my Bolt Action British infantry.

Midcoat of Stirland Mud texture paint.
Scab Red base on eyes and gem.
After that I dry brushed on the Pallid Wyche Flesh like he said he did, but I though it looked too 'frosted' for my tastes so I washed over it with Sepia Ink. Sepia is weird blend of brown and green and it's just perfect for the swampy look I think Adam was asking for.

Pallid Wyche Flesh drybrused on ground.

Sepia ink wash over ground.
Next I painted the armor using a lot of Nuln Oil over Leadbelcher and Delta Ceramcoat Metallic Pewter. I am pleased with the result.

Armor painted.

Armor washed.
Gold highlights on brass.
During the course of the last few pics, in addition to working on the armor, other details were also painted. The power coils on the plasma gun were painted with Scab Red and then Evil Suns Scarlet; Still some work to be done on those bitz. The brass bitz were finished off with Shinning Gold as was the plasma gun itself.


Rory Priest said...

Coming together well.

Siph_Horridus said...

Looking good, not used Stirland mud before so thanks for the notes.

neverness said...

Thanks and thanks!

Yeah, the Stirland Mud is a nice addition to my painting repertoire and I will definitely be using more down the road.