Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Celestial Lions Land Speeder (Part 4)

Work has continued on this light vehicle. Here is the latest progress:

The "edging" highlights are now done, and the antenna-thing and the spoiler have been added on.

Coming together...

Additional attention has been given to the underside guns. I am pleased with how they are turning out.

Painted guns.

I focused quite a bit on making the Multimelta and the Heavy Flamer appear dirty and sooty from all the flamable goodness that they spew forth.

Dirty and sooty.

The pilot was finally glued into position and now this thing is really beginning to feel closer to done. The pilot's body is a torso from one of the Horus Heresy boxed games. The other two torsos will be used for the gunners.

"Pilot to ground control, are we ready for cockpit check?"
This is moving along in spite of my limited free time to work on it. Next up, and this may be tricky, or it may just be challenging, but I am going magnetize the torso of the gunner so I can switch out the gun. I figured it would be better to replace the whole guy than just the gun. We'll see just how crazy this will make me next time.


Ok, a bit of blog news. I have created a Facebook Group called Neverness Hobbies. It's intended to be a supplemental place to support this blog on social media. I hope for it to be a place were we can discuss stuff related to this hobby and other things that I just don't feel fit this blog format. I have no intent to change how I do this blog, so don't worry, I am not moving this to FB or anything like that. It's, as I said, supplemental.

So you are welcome to join us on Facebook if you wish, just search for Neverness Hobbies. As always, look for the Red Squig. (Edit: Or click this link)

Look for the Red Squig. 


Siph_Horridus said...

That line highlighting really lifts that scheme and makes it look great, lovely old school weapons too! Sadly, I do not do FB, but will continue to track the blog here ;)

neverness said...

Thanks for the feedback. I think the old school weapons work well with it also.
And no worries about FB, the blog will remain the same.