Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Reavers of the Obsidian Rose (Part 3)

Since last time I have finished these Reaver Bikers. And really, the only thing that I had to do was the painting on the riders themselves. Which I did following the steps taken for the Kabalite Warriors shown on this blog and the skin tone steps as laid out in the Raiders of Commorragh book.

Head'n straight at you! 
Anyone with even a fleeting familiarity with these models will notice that I have yet to mount them onto their flying stands. Like I did for the Venom, I want to magnify these things for easier storage. At this time I am seeking out options, so hang in there, it will happen!

In hindsight...
Da masta Cheef, when I sent him some of these pics, said to me:
 "Looking good! So are you going to add a NSFW* tag when you display pics of them from the thong side?😆"

Funny! But he does have a point, the Dark Eldar are a bit naughty aren't they? Is it weird that he was more concerned about thongs than he was Daemonettes boobs? Of course if he was actually working instead of goofing off there wouldn't be an issue, right? 😉

NSFW?! Dude, we ARE working! 
Speaking of working, I have got more work to do before we wrap up this thread:

Lots of work to do! 
Out of this pile 'o sprue I need to build some special weapon Reavers and at least one Sybarite rider. And, again, magnets. Look for these in furture parts!

*Not Safe For Work. 


Da Masta Cheef said...

'Of course if he was actually working instead of goofing off there wouldn't be an issue, right?'

I allot at least 2 hours for that task per week...

neverness said...

It is wise to budget one's time, so I can't faumt you there.

Rory Priest said...

Scrolling through and boom there are two dark eldar looking like they are twearking. Also more orange painted dark eldar, cool.

neverness said...

Hey Rory, didn't you know that 'wedgie fever' wasn't just a fetish, it's a full on mania! Especially enjoyable at 250mph (um, or so I'm told).