Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bad Moon Warphead (Part 3)

As I said in part 2, the painting on the main miniature was almost done. The next step was to work out how I wanted the bells to appear. Using Shining Gold, I painted it up to gold first, but as I suspected, it clashed too much with the Bad Moon Yellow garments.

Shining Gold bells.
So I toned them back to a more copper-like look by applying a red ink wash over the gold. I liked how this turned out.

After this I finished it off by painting the teeth on the Warphead and the double-moons on his staff. One of the final steps was dry brushing Snot Green onto his hair. I really liked how that turned out also.

Finished painting on the main miniature.

The hero base had another layer applied to it. For this layer I used Indian Red, an Apple Barrel craft paint, which is a good rusty-like color to use for this sort of thing. I am debating with myself (something I find myself doing with more alarming frequency as I age...) with exactly how I want to this thing to out. I am strongly considering making it match the snowy ruins I painted for my local gaming store back in January.

Indian Red layer. 
Inspired by the model from January I kind of just went for it and knocked out the base fairly fast. I added the patina by sponging it on, and the orange rust was done with deliberate applications of Orange Ink.

Finisbed base.
The most stressful stage was removing the miniature from it's old base. Being metal it could chip easily if not carefully handled. I wrapped him in a paper towel while I used a pin-vice to drill two holes into his feet.

Pinned feet.
I painted the bottom of the pins with white paint and while they were still wet, placed them on the base where I wanted him to go. This left two dots which I then turned into two holes with the pin-vice. After that, he was fitted on with superglue.

Glued into position.
I am tempted to add a marine head to the top step behind the Warphead, but I am trying to decide if it really needs it or not... I can always add one later I suppose.

Rear view.

And there we have it, a leader for my Bad Moon battalion! A classic, yet rarely seen, miniature from the later days of Warhammer 2nd Edition, updated for the current game. Hopefully he'll perform better than my Goff Weird Boy has so far.

Warhound Titan's eye view.

Now, back to the Meganobz...


Kym (Warburton) Jackson said...

Great work, mate! :)

Dwarfy Mcgee said...

Where are his minders? :)

neverness said...

I have a set of those 2nd ed era Bad Moon Minderz however they are redundant in the current rule set. Still, I can't help but think that I should paint them up anyway...