Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Terminator Basing (Part 3)

The crux.
Here is a project that had been pretty-much abandoned. We last featured these guys many years ago in Terminator Basing Part-1. (Part 2 featured Sven Axegrinder). Well, the recent Space Wolf Codex has me wanting to do some Space Wolf projects, or rather finish some. Also, I was thrilled/horrified to see how well thunderhammers perform in 8th ed, and wanted to get some of my own onto the battlefield. Reviewing my models, I came to the floss box that contains my Wolf Guard. They have somehow managed to accumulate paint over the years despite my never posting any blog posts about them, although none of them were ever finished. Indeed, they have come a long way since I first posted anything regarding them.

The slow march of progress....

I mentioned above being impressed by thunder hammers. This was not the first time that this has happened, and at one point roughly 10 years ago, I purchased an upgrade blister pack that contained five thunder hammers, stormshields, and Terminus Crux shoulder pads. They were some of the worst mold-line and flash infested metal miniatures I have ever bought from GW. And for whatever reason, I simply never moved on with the project. Until Now. Joshi Krakenbite will be the first bearer of a thunder hammer for the Wolf Guard of Sven Axegrinder.

Wolf Guard Joshi Krakenbite steps up! 
Recently while looking at all of the previous covers for the years worth of Codex: Space Wolf tomes, it struck me that the original one from 1993 (2nd Edition) is the only one with accurate colors on the armor. For the most part anyway. It is weird as the models pictured inside it were not all this dark, yet the ones in the current (2018) codex are, even though that book's cover depicts a Space Wolf painted in a non-Shadow Grey look. It is just a strange observation. But back to the '93 edition: I have always loved this cover. The model from that time has the exact heavy flamer, and sort of like I did for a recently inspired Goff ork I am going to attempt to paint that heavy flamer just like that!

Heavy Flamer snip from the '93 Codex: Space Wolves. 
And here it is so far! I Still need to add flame patterns onto the yellow band. Overall I think I got the colors pretty close.

Old school Heavy Flamer.
I tried use the newer colors that GW produces for the Space Wolves but they just aren't bright enough. Luckily I have enough old Space Wolves Grey to get these Wolf Guard painted but I do need to track more down at some point.

Space Wolf colora done, pending touch-ups. 
Unlike some older models, I have decided to paint the acquilla in metallics. I think I like this look, and it is less difficult to pull off than my previous preference.

Krakenbite's progress.

This guy is almost done, and I shall continue to work on him, and his brothers, before Dreadtober-2018 begins. So far I am really enjoying this trip back to Fenris...

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Kym (Warburton) Jackson said...

Nice.. I;ve got a very similar box of Wolf Guard myself somewhere. Looking forward to seeing these done.