Sunday, September 09, 2018

The Road to Gorkamorka (Part 3)

The mostly done Runtherd.
The road for this chap has been a long one for sure. Continuing from Part-2 I decided to work on the white area on the shouldetpad giving it a dark grey basecoat which I will work up to white. I used a dark brown paint on the metalic areas and the whip.


Firy Orange was the basecoat for the pistol and Khornate Red for the red trim on the armor. Ulthran Grey was used over the dark grey.

More basecoats and some midcoats.

Sunburst Yellow was the next layer on the fun  and it was also the highlight color for the Ork skin. Mephiston Red was applied onto the red armor trim.

Red muzzle.

He is starting to come together nicely. I use a craft paint called Graphite on the black armor and then I apply Nuln Oil over this. I find it gives the flak armor a bit more depth. I tbink he is turning out to look quite Goffik.

Mostly done.

I decided to follow Warhammer TV's tutorial on how to paint grot red noses on the really big boil on this guy's head. Kev Adams sculpted many zits onto his Ork miniatures back in the day, and I am glad to have finally found a painting method for them that I like. Of course I topped it off with a White Scar highlight.

Like I said, it is mostly done, I just couldn't knock out the final steps in time for this post...

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Azazel said...

Nice work! Always good to see some more Rogue Trader-era Orks given the treatment, and your runtherd here looks very nice.