Monday, October 08, 2018

Dreadtober Blood Axe Dreadnought (Part 3)

The month Is still young and I have made more progress on this thing. Remember, the spirit behind the Dreadtober event is to try to get at least one Dreadnought (or Dreadnought sized/class) model fully painted in the month of October. Here is it's current state, followed by the steps that got it this level:

Current stage. 
Moving on from the previous post, I picked out some areas in black that will likely be painted in a metallic color. I also went hog wild on the base, almost finishing it.

Black basecoats and a mostly painted base.
 Next I decided to darken the recesses and grooves by applying some ink. I mixed a classic Citadal Green ink with black Game Color Wash, with another dot of yellow. The result didn't turn out the way I though it would however. I wasn't sure quite why. And since it was still wet, and colors can look distorted while still wet, I decided to sleep on it and check how it turned out in the morning.

Dark green ink...
 Looking at it in the morning, it was apparent to me that had unintentionally performed an amateurish faux pa so grievous that could lose my art certifications: I highlighted the lowlights and lowlighted the highlights!!!

Luckily I immediately determined the solution. I went over these areas again using Agrax Earthshade. And wow, and I am super pleased that I did! This really kicks up the Olive Drab while also giving a dirty/rusty/worn vibe to the whole thing.

Agrax Earthshade to the rescue.
And this is where we are at currently, we will see where it is at come the weekend or next week. I say that because I have a careeer change occurring this week that may challenge my hobby time.


Siph_Horridus said...

Great progress, love the recess wash stage that really makes it come alive, nearly done - whats next??

neverness said...

Yeah....this is going way quicker than I thought it would. Time permitting, maybe I will do a Space Wolf Dread? We'll see.

Suber said...

Definitely nice, I like seeing this unusual Dread. More, more!

St Andrews Wargaming said...

Coming along great!