Thursday, October 11, 2018

Intercessors of Fenris (Part 1)

Greetings! Recently I split a boxed set of Tooth and Claw with Doctor TSG taking the Space Wolf half. I originally wasn't going to incorporate the Primaris into my aging Space Wolves force, having decided a year ago to use them with my Ultramarines instead. But the decision to split a set ot Tooth and Claw, and the release of the 8th Edition Space Wolves Codex have changed my mind. I like the fluff aspects of them being reluctantly accepted into the Space Wolf ranks and the majority of them traveling to Fenris to take the Test of Morkai to prove their worthiness. So despite the fact they are not true Fenrisians, it is cool that they are embracing the styles and customs in an effort to assimilate properly into the Space Wolf ranks.

The gathering.
 I really enjoyed building these guys. Despite their limited options, I was taken back by how advanced the multipart Intercessors kit is. The squad leader has a lot of arm choices especially.

Spuad Leader.
 My favorite guy is probably the auxiliary grenade launcher. His pose seems to me to be the most aggressive. Also, it is nice to see the auxiliary grenade launcher return after all this time.

 This guy came out good too. I think this is a Mordheim head from the old Mordheim boxed set. Regardless, I think it looks good. This Intercessor has fully embraced the Fenrisian style.

This guy is the most standard looking one of the group.  I call him Steve. I chose to arm these guys with standard Bolt Rifles as they seem to be the most versatile option. I really like the other two options and If I get more of these guys I might make some with those options.

This guy was tricky to assemble but ultimately I sm satisfied with the results.

To make them easier to paint I am leaving their backpacks off for now.

I added some bitz from the Space Wolf Primaris Upgrade sprue. The leader of this pack has gotten the bulk of the goodies.

Extra heads are nice for an assortment of different things and since my first RTB01 marines back in '89, I like to put a helm on the belt of the bare-headed marines. Too often you'll see Space Wolves modelled or depicted in art without their helmets and I marvel at the wreckless and vain nature of this practice.

That is it for now, weather and time permitting, I hope to get these guys into the painting queue soon.


Da Masta Cheef said...

good move on leaving the packs off. One of the main reasons the Silver Drakes torso & packs are all 1 color is due to the difficulty of reaching the recessed areas.

neverness said...

I tend to do this with all of my marines as that backpack always seems to be a real challenge to painting a model fully.