Saturday, January 12, 2019

Disrupt Supply Lines

Finally! Finally. I had the opportunity to play a game.

Genestealer vs. Kabalite Warrior.

This time I played against Matt and his nefarious Genestealer Cult in a Kill Team skirmish against my Dark Eldar. This is to be my 2nd game of the current edition of Kill Team. I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was and didn't have pen or paper handy! So I looked on my phone for an app and found this brilliantly constructed app, that was easy to learn to use, called Kill Team Manager. If you play Kill Team and own a smart device I recommend giving this app a go.

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Today's scenario was a fun one called Disrupt Supply Lines. I was the Defender and the Genestealer Cult were the Attackers. Basically I had to defend the 3 supply markers from the 'Stealers that wanted to destroy them. The scenario has special strategems that we can use our CPs to fulfill the scenario's objectives.

Dark Eldar deployment.
The Dark Eldar set up was very much a defensive one. I had every intent to maximize my gun line and blast Purestrains and the Abomination before they could close on my team.

Skulkers revealed. 
Matt's set up was a defensive one as well, He did not want to be caught in the open so he set up in a way that allowed for the most cover. Also, by keeping them hidden, when charges are declared he can avoid overwatch.
Matt's right flank. 

The Dark Eldar win the roll off for the turn. I decide to not move anyone and just Ready the whole team. Having not played since the day Kill Team was launched, I forgot that we play in turn at each given phase, so when suddenly the Genestealers break from cover and rush my force I was a bit surprised. The Genestealer Purestrain Veteran was nasty and he tried to make it to one of my objectives but I was able to counter his efforts to destroy it. In the shooting phase the Warrior with the Blaster vaporized the Abhorrent that was lumbering towards our lines. Two more Genestealer Purestrains were cut down in the shooting phase also. With the Genestealer Cult loosing 3 models on the first turn things were looking hopeful for the Dark Kin. Things were about to be shown to be more than they seemed...

Blasting from afar. 
The Genstealer Vet. had charged my Wyche Fighter with the Shardnet and Impaler. She had no hope and despite the Dodge ability and Power From Pain ability, she was taken out without hope of a counter-strike.
The Wyche Figher, bested with ease. 

Realizing that I had no targets, and that the Purestrain Vet was only going to get shot when he next charged a guy, I decided the best course of action was to try to take him out at his own game. I charged in with the two Wyches. One of them was killed by an Acid Spit Strategem. The other one put up quite the fight however. We both played the Decisive Strike Tactic which forced a roll-off to see who would go first. We both rolled 6s. I said "What are the odds we'll do that again?" And, we both rolled 6s again! So we rolled a 3rd time, and this time the Wyche  won the roll-off. The Genestealer made the save however and so did the Wyche when it was the Genestealer's turn to strike back, thanks to Power From Pain.

Wyches charge the Purestrain Veteran. 
Turn 3, and it was getting very annoying not having anything to shoot at, therefore I sent up a few warriors to try to flush out the leader. But the Cult Leader leapt through the window in a desperate gambit to get away.

A slippery escape attempt. 
He left behind another Purestrain Genestealer, who I had forgotten about, that charged one of the approaching Warriors.

That warrior was butchered outright. The Genestealer Purestrain  Veteran and the Wyche continued their melee, with neither foe going down.

Turn 4

A critical and strategic maneuver was staged for Matt to strike hard against my force. His Purestrain Genestealer was about to charge into my Team Leader who was also holding an objective. She didn't have any close combat weapons so I didn't expect her to be able withstand a direct charge for a this killing machine. He declared a charge, and I responded with overwatch. And I rolled a 6! And it wounded! The blast pistol absolutely fried the Genestealer, ending his rampage!

Blasted by overwatch
Meanwhile my warriors had managed to achieve LOS on the Genestealer Cult Leader. Not wanting to see what the shooting phase was going to be like he decided to charge the closest warrior. He took a wound from the Overwatch shot, but managed to hold his own in the melee phase.

Hurt but not out!
Over to the never ending fight, and finally my Wyche took a wound, but he was still in it to win it, even if he was now a little less effective at it.

Turn 5 came and the game ended.

Dark Eldar 6 points to Genestealer Cult 1 point.
Never giving up!!!

Wow! What a fun and intense game that was! My Overwatch shots were sickeningly accurate and made a massive difference to how this game would go. So did the Power From Pain save. The Genestealers are quick and fierce (like they should be!) And the way Kill Team works now, Overwatch is crucial for survival.

The terrain set up was weird. Although the Dark Eldar were in a great defensive line, the fields of fire were too small to matter. The Purestrain Genestealers had no problem closing the ground when they charged from cover. The Aberration and the two Genestealers I killed on the first turn are an exception, but I shudder to think how it would have gone for these murder-elves if they had managed to engage them! Winning every roll-off to determine sequence order every turn was a huge benefit as well. Luck was clearly on my side, and Matt's Kill Team could have easily shattered mine if my dice had been performing in their typical manner.

Once again, good game, thanks to Matt for (re)showing me the ropes for this edition of Kill Team.

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cfinch0775 said...

Great game dude, I haven't played kill team in a while either, need to get back to it, I really enjoyed the games I did play ! Thanks for the write up :)