Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Krom (the Older) (Part 1)


He was a gift from the local legend Kardos Dragonforge (aka Bryan) who gave me this model along with an original RT era Land Raider, both of which I am very thankful for. For reasons I can't recall, Kardos used the original Krom head for something else and stuck on a head from elsewhere (I think it's a Mordheim White Wolf head?). It works, and has lots of character, so I decided to leave it be.

Base size increased.

Krom was originally released right before GW subtly decided to increase the Astartes base sizes up to 32mm. This model was given to me on his original 28mm base. I decided at that time to just mount him onto a 40mm (Terminator sized) base as we was just far too dynamic for a 28mm base. A few years later he would be rereleased with a 40mm base, so I am glad I chose wisely with that decision.  Using the same method for building up that base that use for my old Terminators, I started by first building it up with greenstuff until I got it to the point that you see in the top pic.

And based and base coated.

I added the gravel basing material over that and applied an additional Ork skull from the Skulls boxed set.

Additional ork skull.
Krom Dragongaze is famous for his bionic eye, or the "fierce-eye", which is obviously missing from this head swap. I looked into my bitz bin and found this plastic marine Sgt head from the first Imperial Space Marine boxed set. I actually tried to remove that bionic eye, but that didn't go so instead I will use this head as inspiration.

The inspirational RTB01 Sgt. Head. 
 I took out the greenstuff and made the tiniest of  balls and worked it onto the model's face. It took a lot of effort and focus, but in time I got a look for it that I liked.

The Fierce-eye is back! 

Once that cures, I will start the basecoats....

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