Thursday, January 03, 2019

Stormhawk Interceptor (Part 1)

Hello, and Happy New Year! Yes, the holidays are over, and we can fall back into our (semi)normal routines. And start some new modeling projects as well, hopefully. For Christmas my love gave to me a Stormhawk Interceptor. That woman knows me well! Or maybe she recognized my armies' deficiencies when it came to air support on the tabletop?

Air support at last! 
 With the most grievous deficiency being my Astartes armies. Yeah, my Space Wolves have Land Speeders but that isn't really air support. I have been hesitant to get the Space Wolf flying shoebox-thing with the icicle cannon for some time now, but I simply like the other Marine armies choices better. I was thrilled to see the Stormhawk Interceptor was incorporated into the latest Space Wolf codex and I gleefully added it to my wish list. And now it is MINE!!! Muhahaha!

I plan to magnetize this model's main gun options. I will put a strong magnet inside the cockpit, where, conveniently, a perfectly round spot exists for the magnet to sit in. I will put strong magnets on both the Las Talon and Icarus Stormcannon so that the magnetic field will be strong enough to work through the plastic. This will make it so that I'll have some diverse tactical options in the game.

Where the internal magnet will go.*
 For the other weapon options I will try to use sheet magnets. These parts look small and light enough and I think they will work.

Side mounted weapons plan.*
 This past Sunday with this vision in my head, and finally a nice weather day on hand, I ventured outdoors to the Alter of Priming. It was now free of snow, water and leaves, and was seemingly set to welcome my latest sacrifice.

Sacrifice prepared.
With a vigorous series of blasts from my aerosol can of Chaos Black, the task was now complete!

That sure was a lot of build-up for a spray painting job huh?

The next step will be some assembly accompanied by basecoats. First I need to clear some space out of the paint queue before I can truly get started on this though; but I had to take the window of opportunity that this lovely day offered to get this priming done. See you at part 2, whenever that happens! 😁

*These modified images are from the instruction sheet that came with the Stormhawk Interceptor kit, (c) Games Workshoo LTD and used here for review purposes and not as any challenge to said copyright. 


Rory Priest said...

Great start to it.

WestRider said...

Honestly, the various options nearly pressure-fit. I primed them separately to get a little extra tightness on the fit, and use just a tiny dot of blu-tac on the side weapon pods as insurance, and they're good to go.

neverness said...

I look forward to getting to that stage. I am not a fan of blu-tacing my models. I used to us it years ago to mount weapons on a given miniature but that was done so that we could play with them now and not have to deal with glue prior to painting it or proper assembly. The problem came with forgetting about it having removed decade old blu-tack from a model could be a real pain in the butt.