Monday, June 10, 2019

Gimme Da Prize

"'Ey, gimme da prize!!!"
"Dare can be only one ya git!" 
Da Masta Cheef and I have been talking for about a month now about playing our quasi-annual Ork vs. Ork game, These match-ups are always fun regardless of whichever edition of 40k we are in at the time.  Da Cheef mustered his troops, and for a variety of reasons we chose to stage this battle at his house. The muddy ruins of Dinnahtabul (complete with pouring rain soundtrack from outside) would serve as our battleground on this day. As you can see, the board for this game is round. Clearly the standard missions might not work...

So I pulled out my Open War cards and we chose the Deployment Zone that would be easiest to set up and get us right into the thick of action. The Objective was The Prize, a fitting objective really as we won't have to be bothered at all with VPs, just obtaining The Prize. The Prize will be represented by a nice banner model that Cheef has. The Twist was that this was occurring during a Warpstorm. The Cheef has a Weirdboy in his army so at least that wasn't a wasted twist. We determined that he was the underdog in this tussle, so we had him draw a Ruse card.

Yes, it's upside down, and no, I can't be bothered to fix it. 
I won the roll off for deployment, and put one of my Nobz right onto The Prize (Da Prize, as the Orks say it) and right smack in the middle of the table. The Cheef and I both spent the CPs to give two units 'Ard Boyz which gave those units an additional point of armor. I chose the mob in the middle of the table that was holding Da Prize, and he gave the bonus to the nearest mob to the prize also.

With my Boyz in the center of the table, I had the Lootas in the ruins directly behind them set up to provide support. to their right, my mass 'o Grots were gathered to act as a shield for the Big Mek in the old White Dwarf Bunker. Overhead, the Dakkajet was zooming low to support it's team below. Opposing this force was the big mob of Boyz accompanied by the Warboss Krump & Pittance and a Weird Boy

My Rightside (on the left of this pic).

On the other side of the table, my Shoota Boyz were gathered and ready to riot. The Warboss, Ror-Ruk, was directing the operation from his Trukk. On the opposing side, the massive Matillda Battlewagon loaded down with Tankbustas was readying to meet my challengers. They were backed up by two Ork artillery pieces. Using a Ruse card, the Grot land tank was removed and reappeared behind my forces, positioned to attack the Lootas. Da Cheef placed his Kommandos in reserves.

My Leftside (on the right of this pic).
Turn one, pretty much everything surges forward. With Da Prize in hand, my Boyz rushed Da Cheef's Boyz. The Grots moved up a bit too so as to get as many guns into range as possible. The Dakkajet slowed to minimum speed, carefully (as much as an ork can) selecting his target. On the other side my Shoota Boyz moved forward to get into range of the Matilda Battlewagon and the Trukk did also.

My Orks 1st turn movement. 
My entire right flank fired everything it had at the Boyz across the field from them.  The the unit was reduced down to about half strength, but it would have been so much worse for them had the CPs not been spent to make them into 'Ard Boyz. It was a very wise investment indeed!

Lots of dakka!
On the other flank my Warboss in his trukk led the Shoota Boyz in to tear into the Battlewagon, taking off a lot of it's Wounds, but not enough to wreak it.

Left Flank Charge. 
My Slugga Boyz charged into the other boyz who had taken all that firepower. Although he suffered some more losses, somehow that unit managed to hold on and stay in the fight!

A big brawl of rolling green...
My shoota boyz charged as well in an effort to finish off the Battlewagon, but it held on with just a few wounds left!

Tear it up ladz!
It was time to strike back, Cheef's Turn One would be a bloody one!

"Target acquired mateys!!!"
The Grot Megatank unleased everything at the Loobas, and much to our surprise, the Loobas were wiped out!

The Boyz mob that had taken so much abuse from me in my turn one was augmented by the Weirdboy, and after some nasty retaliation, and an assist from the Warboss, not only was my Slugga Boyz unit wiped out, but they had now captured the flag!

Turning the tide!
On the other side of the table the Tankbustas got out of the Battlewagon and blew up the truck, leaving Ror Ruk the Warboss every exposed and surrounded by a mob of missile wielding hooligans! All-in-all, Da Masta Cheef's 1st turn was devastating!

Turn 2, and in a desperate ploy to save the Warboss I redirected what firepower I could against the rival Tankbustas. My Warboss shot one of the Tankbustas in the head, "Dats for wreak'n me favorite Trukk!" The Shokk Attack Gun added to the attack but it was the Dakkajet that finished off the Tankbustas, killing them all. The pilot cracking with glee as he avenged the loss of his jet from the last time he encountered these guys.

Revenge is dish best served with dakka!

Ror Ruk the Warboss, disappointed that his Shoota boys still hadn't wreaked the Battlewagon, charged in and finished it off with a proper bash with his klaw!

...and they fell all over themselves with glee!
Da Cheef's Turn 2, The Weirdboy attempted to augment the mob of Boyz again but instead inflicted damage to himself via Perils of the Warp! Meanwhile the Grot Tank positioned itself to take out the Bigmek, and after the smoke and dust cleared the Bigmek was no where to be found! The surviving Big Mob charged my Grots along with the Warboss, and the poor grots were eliminated. And the Kommandos charged the Shootaboyz. This was a gory thing to do as almost half the Kommandos died from Overwatch! In the ensuing melee, the rest of the Kommandos would fall to the overwhelming numbers but not without dealing some damage themselves.

The Kommandos risk it all.
Turn 3. The numbers are now looking thin. With focus on getting Da Prize, I opted to shoot the Big Gunz and hope for the Grot to break, which they thankfully did. The Dakka Jet attacked the Grot Mega Tanks but did only minor damage to it. My Warboss moved across the board in search of his prize...

...but instead found the rival Warboss! He was a bit shot up, but that never stops two warbosses from having it out! Ror Ruk charged in and wacked him good with his powerklaw, taking out Krump & Pittance, whose axe was still dripping in grot and Runtherd blood.

Warboss fight! 
Ror Ruk consolidated toward the Grot tank, which was only two happy to turn it's guns on him...

"Dat Boss iz look'n atz us, load da kannons!!!"
Da Cheef's Turn 3

Safe behind a ruin, the Weirdboy held onto Da Prize. I would be hard pressed indeed to try to take it from him at this stage. However the raging warpstorm overwhelmed the Weirdboy when he attempted to cast a power, and he was overwhelmed by the cascade of warp energy and was pulled into the warp! The banner was now abandoned, with nothing left of the Weirdboy but a few sparkles of crackling warp energy fluttering on the wind...
"Oooh... me 'ead urtz!"
The last of the Da Boyz, no longer supercharged by warp energy, yet still covky never-the-less, charged the Shoota Boyz, but they fell to their overwhelming number. Having said that, my Shoota Boyz were all but torn apart this turn by that assault and from the Grot Megatank which we were both thrilled to see was performing excellently in this game!

Da final charge.
The Grot Megatank takes down the Shoota Boyz some more, and would've been wiped out if not for the cashing in of my final CPs to give them Insane Bravery.

"Dis fing 'as gotta go!"

Turn 4 and with shooting from the Shoota Boyz  the Grot Megatank is destroyed! With its final destruction the opposing force has been tabled. We leave this world with Ror Ruk the Warboss searching the ruins, wreckage and bodies for The Prize. Not sure if he ever found it, but with the Dakkajet circling the field trying to spot it maybe he did after the fact?

Da finale.

What a good mash-up that was! So many bodies on both sides! We made some mistakes, sure, to be expected since we don't get to play like we used too, but we had such a good time that we just didn't care. We played very late into the night and into the early hours of the next morning, but time matters not when the Waaagh! Is underway! Thanks to Da Masta Cheef and Wolfy for hosting me that evening and providing us with a yummy pre-game meal. It was all awesome fun!


Da Masta Cheef said...

If I get to playing 40k more regularly gain, then I may pick up those cards, as they were quite helpful in generating our game. That is of course unless GW stupidly made them as limited release items as they so often do....

Anonymous said...

What is the grot walker thing in picture 14?
And man, feels bad that I'm the only Ork player in my area, Ork vs Ork games always seem so fun.

neverness said...

Ork vs Ork games are a blast, you got to one in some time! The walker he is using as a stand-in for an artillery piece. It was from a kickstarter if I remember correctly.

@cheef, yes, we need to both play more and yes those cards are handy. They were not limited edition to my knowledge.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@ Anon: Its a conversion of a Rivet Wars Stug from their Eastern Front expansion. They're really hard to come by on ebay (much less anywhere else).

Suber said...

Oi! Indeed was a good game! You can nevah hav enough Orks!

Rory (Stepping Between Games) said...

Love Ork on Ork fights. Proper scrap.