Saturday, June 29, 2019

I Bring You Fire (Part 1)

I bring you FIRE!...The sticky kind.

As stated in I've Come For-Reaping Part 1, the next of my Aspect Warrior groups to receive my attention are my Fire Dragons. If you didn't read that post I will sum up for you what's going on and why my Craftworld Eldar (Aeldari) are getting so much attention: in short Da Masta Cheef and I decided to have another grudge match battle featuring his Eldar and my Space Wolves. But he doesn't have as many Eldar as he used too, so I am helping out by filling in the gaps from my collection. Should be fun. But I want to get these models at least semi-painted before then.

Today's focus are the Fire Dragons.

Feeling primal.

I only recently bought these Fire Dragons, used, from eBay. Accept for the Exarch. I have owned him for about 20 years and he sat in that blister pack until I started this project. I have always loved these sculpts and greatly lamented the late '90s redesign. But for whatever reason I just never had a set of my own. I have painted these models before; I painted a squad of ten models for Dr. TSG  back in the '90s. I painted them close too, or inspired by, an example from the 2nd Edition era Eldar Codex. There is not-so-good pic below of this scheme but I think you'll get the gist.

Example for 2nd Ed Codex: Eldar.
I looked at other examples, even going to far back as White Dwarf #127 to look at the original paint schemes, but I wasn't satisfied with those (Magenta armor...really?). I think I will attempt to, once again, use the 2nd edition scheme. But, instead of yellow helmets, do them with the Ynnari colored helmets like I did on the Reapers. Oh, and there are suggestions for back banners again!

Color scheme examples from WD #127.

In the latest batch of eBay winnings was a single model that was already painted. I intend to just paint over this as it seems to be a thin coat. I will likely do this model last. But I did go ahead and glue grit to his base as well as the others.

Yellow and purple, a scheme for villainy. 
The helmets are base coated in Khorne Red like the Dark Reapers were. For the primary base color I am using an Orange from the old Epic Battle paint set from the '90s called Fire Orange. Those sets couldn't be bothered to actually put labels on the paints so you had to learn what was what from the box. It's a bit darker than Fiery Orange which came out a few years later. Painting Fire Orange straight onto the white really kicks up the intensity of the colors!

Fire Orange and Khorne Red base coats.
Next I painted on Chaos black in a few strategic spots, but this was more to get them on to the table. Note in the pic below the lighting has altered how the orange looks in the photo, in reality it looks more like the one above.

Abaddon Black actually. 

These are FAR from done, but unlike the Dark Reapers I won't be able to just zip through these, so definitely expect a part 2 or 3 for these guys.


Da Masta Cheef said...

I'm quite certain all of those back banners were drenched in fire retardant prior to being distributed for use...

neverness said...

Indeed. It's not the enemy that will do these guys in, it's the symptoms resulting from asbestos inhalation...