Monday, February 24, 2020

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm #2

 Blind Visionary launched the Kickstarter for Tales from the Smoking Wyrm #2 a few days ago. And I'm happy to report that it has already funded!
And if you were one of the contributors for this or the previous issue, then I humbly thank you.

Cover snip of Tales From The Smoking Wyrm #2.

An old ('cuz we're old) art school classmate of mine did the cover for this one.  But I have some pieces in this one also, including a Shoggoth piece that I am particularly keen on.

WIP snippet from Onward Retainer #2. 

And my comic, Onward Retainer! has it's second installment. It's wordy as hell, but I like this one more than the first one. It's been a lot of fun working on this and getting my art groove back on, and this comic has been an important part of that. I still don't think I'm quite at the confidence level I was at the turn of the century when I stopped doing this type of art, but I feel that I am improving with each work I do.

A colorized version of the zine's host, Niarb. 

If you play Dungeon Crawl Classics (or know someone who does) and you're interested in it, check it out on Kickstarter, we would appreciate it and I think you will be pleased with it also. One person declared it,  upon holding the first issue in his hands for the first time, "The Fanciest Fanzine Ever". And I do think he is right; it's a nice product we managed to produce and I look forward to getting more people to experience it and to making more!

I am holding the limited edition printing of #1 for the first time.
Onward Retainer! (c) Joel R Phillips. 
Tales From The Smoking Wyrm (c) Blind Visionary. 


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Thanks! It's been a hoot so far, but a lot of work as well.