Wednesday, February 05, 2020

The Neverness Crusade

Praying for you. To burn for your heresy!

Here is a post that I should have written many years ago. I have been a fan of the Adepta Sororitas since Rogue Trader, when we were presented with just a snippet of info and a glorious pic of Sister Sin snuffing out a traitorous Rainbow Warrior Space Marine. Not a peep was mentioned about this curious faction of the Imperium until Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition when they were included in the Black Codex and in the Codex: Imperialis. Within it there was some new background but also a small John Blanche rendering. It wasn't much to go on, but it was inspiring. So much so that I used it, and the Sister Sin pic from Rogue Trader, as the inspiration and reference for the illustration that I did which was published in Armorcast's Inquisitor Magazine in the later '90s (the issue number escapes me at this time...#15 or #16?). This preceded the official miniatures and Codex release by quite a lot of months. You can see a snippet of it in the bad scan to the right. The point of all this is that clearly I had an interest in the Adepta Soroitas long before models were available for them, so it would make sense that I played them, yes? 

Oddly, no. 

But I collected them, yes. 

The first Sisters boxed sets.

Back in the late '90s GW US Mail Order used to have preorder and precast options if you just called them and asked the Trolls*. And I did in fact preorder my copy of the Codex: Sister for Battle along with the first Squad box, the Seraphim box and Immolator. I was all geared up to go! I quickly chose the Order of the Bloody Rose as my faction of choice and I was ready to proceed, but, and I don't quite recall why, I just didn't. Maybe I was trying to finish another army first? It wouldn't be the first or last time that I gave into that delusion. I think it was that I always found the metal models to be intimidating in regards to painting them. This pattern would repeat years later when they were expanded in Codex: Witch Hunters and my Crusade was expanded considerably.

Witchhunter boxed sets.

A few years ago I did finally paint a single miniature to use in a game of Dark Heresy, Sister Secunda. but that was it.

Sister Secunda. 

I was tempted many times to sell the army off. Time, interest, too many miniatures to paint, etc. But each time I got serious about it I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I love these miniatures far too much and just couldn't part with them. So I just held onto them and kept them secure.

The original Arco Flagellents.

Now with the release of the army in plastic (cue chorus of FINALLY!) my interest in them is really strong. However instead of cracking open all of the old miniatures, I bought a box of the new plastic Sisters of Battle Squad with some xmas gift money and my intention is to paint them up first. If I am still excited with them and want to play them as a full army, then the crusade will truly be launched and the frenzy shall begin. Time permitting of course.

The Warriors of Redemption set.

I probably will likely continue with my original choice of The Order of the Bloody Rose, but how I do this scheme might be a deviation from the established GW examples. With hope I can get to try some of my ideas out soon....

I drew this after their 2nd edition launch.

 *At some point, they hated to be called that and the title was dropped, much to my disappointment...


Da Masta Cheef said...

Ah yes, the infamously unopened Order of the Bloody Nose (no, notta typo). Alas I shall not see them as you've already jinxed them with your 'Time permitting of course'.

Rory (Stepping Between Games) said...

Those are some real classic boxes, would be cool to see them painted up.

neverness said...

@Rory, Right? I would absolutely love to get these painted up. Sadly Cheef's smart-assed retort might actually be closer to reality...*sigh*.