Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sister Secunda

In search of heretics, it's Sister Secunda ready to purge the unclean!

Greetings my fellow fiends! Say your final prayer, and think your final thoughts: your reckoning is at hand! Behold! Sister Secunda is here to accept your penance and send your soul to receive the Emperor's merciful judgment!

Yes, I do have a decent size Sister of Battle Adepta Sororitas army, and not a single one has yet to be primed let alone painted to the degree you see above. No, this is Sister Secunda, Redbird's character in my Dark Heresy campaign. Not the campaign I'm running currently, but one of the 1st adventure's I ran awhile back. Sister Secunda was quite a lot of fun to adventure with considering the constant war of lies that the vile adept in that game was stringing against her. Seriously, it might make quite a fascinating read and probably one that would be far more enjoyable than some of the crappy Space Marine stories I've seen Black Library anthologize (I must digress to say that yes, a review of one such anthology is coming eventually). Redbird and I have an idea to do a sort of illustrated children's book on her first adventure on Iconathos but from the point of view that exposure to Imperial Propaganda must start at a very young age. However I have been too busy or distracted by other things to ever do anything with it. Keep watching this blog for an eventual update.

Well, today is Redbird's birthday, and in collaboration with the Wild Bink (her husband) I have been painting her model of Secunda, off and on, over the period of a fortnight.

The first base coat of Shadow Gray for the white bits.
 Redbird primed her black some years ago, but never did anything else to the model. I solidified the black, and added some grit to the base before applying any base coats.

 Skipping ahead a bit, we can see the next color layer, a lighter blue in the current citadel range, and dwarf flesh on top of a brown base coat.

 Here we are with lots of a dark silver color added and thinned white to the robes. And some Elf Flesh to the face.

A lighter fleshtone that I have, I think it's by Folkart, that I use to get some very 'fair' and delicate flesh tones with. It works great on elves as well. Gold is added to some of the metal bits.

Here she is, mostly done!

The studs on the robe game me a bit of trouble but I think I pretty much pulled it off.

and at another angle
Next off, to see Redbird's reaction to this unexpected gift and to see if we can ever find her backpack so I can paint it and truly finish this model.

"Time to purge some heretic scum!!!"
I had noticed while typing this blog that there was a purity seal peeking out from behind the bolt pistol. This has been painted finally, however I wasn't able to snap a pic of it, because I had to seal it and give it to her:

The Bink and I presented it to her, by having her close her eyes and hold out her hand. This was snapped within seconds of her opening her eyes. As you can see, she was thrilled! Which is always a thrill when you paint up something like this and see that it's well received, so I guess next year I'll have to top this...maybe paint up Secunda's rhino?




Edwin said...

Wiiiii! Sisters of battle!

Da Masta Cheef said...

As noble as her misguided soul may seem to be, it is but a flickering candle compared to the shining light of my divine glory!

Boris Sevastopol
(Yet-to-be-martyred Saint of the Imperium, and our blessed God-Emperor's Spiritual Advisor)