Friday, March 31, 2017

Fixing dying paint.

While working on one of my projects this evening, I cracked open my trusted and true Blood Red Citadel paint. The lid had cracked on this paint pot ages ago but it hadn't shown any indication that it was getting to the point that the paint was about to start drying up.  Tonight was a different story as I opened it to find it mostly dry. Panicked, I drove a mixing stick into it to find that there was still some workable paint deeper in the pot.

I abandoned my project and dashed into another room to grab my dancing Khorne Berserkers  (that I have been neglecting) as this paint is crucial to their paint scheme. AS I begain frantically trying to get paint onto these models, a lightbulb went off in my head: extender.

You may recall that I wrote about extender once before, but this is the first time I truly had a need for it. I got a water dropper and added about 5-6 drops of extender into the Blood Red paint pot. I then vigorously stirred it into the coagulating paint until I was satisfied that it had mixed. And behold, it worked! Using the extender, I saved the paint's life!!! Bonus: I found an old lid that I am no longer using that will prevent any more drying.

So I continued to work on these two models until I was satisfied that the  extender was working. I will be talking more about these models in a future 'Feeling Khorney' post.

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Rory Priest said...

I had a similar problem recently. I popped in a few drops of water and a plastic bead and shook it until it started to work again. The bead helped agitate everything up.