Monday, March 27, 2017

Infiltrate the Camp (or Run at the Guns!)

I made it to another Saturday Night game night at the local Hobbytown USA where The Bob and I found ourselves facing off against each other once again due to no one else showing up to play 40K or Killteam (Blood Bowl however, is going pretty strong and I am glad for it! As soon as I start painting a team the craze will DIE. Always happens...), We decided to set up the ruins in a city grid pattern this time with an Imperial Statue in the middle as sort of a town centre-like focus point. Since we've been playing the KT missions in order, it only made sense that the next one would be #4: Infiltrate the Camp. Upon immediate review of the scenario rules it's clear that there is no 'camp' or base, but rather this is a traditional 'Break Through' mission. Regardless, I felt sure I had the gang  to make it happen either way.

Vivjhian Throatpuncn and her Kabalite gang.
After the roll-off I found myself in the Attacker role. Since I outnumbered Bob's Death Watch almost 2:1 I could take a a few casualties and still get the needed VPs for escaping through his zone. The Death Watch will get 1VP for every 3 models they kill, whereas I will get 1 VP for each model I can manage to break through and leave the game from his table edge.

This is my first time facing the Death Watch lets see who we have:

 Veteran on top, and Infernus Bolter on the second level

Shotgun Vet, waits to boomstick something.

Top: a regular Vet, below: the KT Leader.

Stalker (I think?)
Bob's leader also ended up with Murderous Blow. Infernus Bolter took Ignores Cover, the Combat Vet selected Killer Instinct and the Stalker chose Stealth.

And of course my usual goons are my specialists. This time I also got to choose a Specialist Skill for my Leader and I chose Murderous Blow for her as well. The Splinter Cannon once again has Reaping Volley. the Blaster has Stealth, and the 2nd Sybarite has Killer Instinct.

Yes, with the exception of one Specialists per side, we pretty much took the same skillz!

The Dark Eldar Specialists.
The board was set. and with the roll of a die it was determined that we arrived to soon to take advantage of the Darkness.

The board is set, ready for Turn One...
Turn One, The Dark Eldar bolt from their positions and attempt to get as far into the field as they could. The Splinter Cannon showered two marines with a hail of splinters but to no effect. The Death Watch have far more interesting results, and right a way it starts to look a bit grim for the Dark Eldar. The Death Watch pick off 3 models scoring their first VP with First Blood and racking up another VP with those 3 kills.

Going to Ground saves lives. Especially inside a crater!
Turn 2 the Dark Eldar continued to advance and some of them struck back, I managed to kill 2 marines, and since there is only 7 of them, that hurt the DW quite a bit. The Death Watch got only one kill, but it was a good one: My Leader, Vivjhian, was picked off by one of these guys:

"Did you shoot her, or was that me?"
That earned them the Slay the Leader VP, giving them 3VPs so far...

Turn 3: Lots of moving as the Death Watch fire lines shrink. The Dark Eldar pick off another Marine, (Sniper)  but lose another one of their number as well.

Turn 4: One of the Dark Eldar, the Shredder, breaks through and crosses the line! Yes,a VP! The Dark Eldar kill the Shotgun marine that was waiting to pick off anyone getting near him, I really was afraid of this guy and was relieved to see him taken out of action. The bonus to that was that it was enough to make them "Broken" at the start of their turn 4, which resulted in one of the Death Watch leaving the field. This also earned the DE another VP. They got their revenge however by snuffing out another Dark Eldar, earning a 2nd VP from kills.

Shredder, crossing the line. 
Turn 5 was shockingly anti-climatic, No more Dark Eldar made it over the line. It didn't help my cause that I overlooked two models for half the game and did nothing with them. The Death Watch turn was a bit more ugly, even though Bob only had 2 marines left, he still managed to take  two more out, just missing out on another VP. That final shot was done by his leader no less,

Target aquired...

...Target eliminated.

At the end of that turn, we rolled for Variable Turn Length and the game abruptly ended.

Which sucked for me, as I was poised to get a lot more models off the table in Turn 6! Arrrgh! Just goes to show that the dice gods care not for the timing of your plan therefore you need to accumulate VPs early and not hope to net them towards the end of the game as you just never when it coild end!

Anyway, we tallied the VPs:

  • Dark Eldar: 2 VPs (One Attacker off of the table, and Broken)

  • Death Watch: 4 VPs (2 for kills, Slay the Leader , First Blood.)
Also, it must be noted that had the game proceeded to Turn 6 the Dark Eldar would have been officially Broken at the start of it. 

My only Primary Objective VP comes from Shredder who is the one model in this list whom I typically regard as useless; Heroes come from the most likely of places.

"Thank you,  thank you, I'd like to thank my sponsor  Moutain Dew for giving me the extra pep in my step, couldn't a done without you!"

Thanks again for another good game Bob!


Edwin said...

Blood bowl is actually looking like it may stay a good while. The weekly league is getting big and they are releasing more and more content.

neverness said...

I actually hope it does. I wouldn't mind getting some of the teams I started ages ago finished off.