Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Return of She Who Milks! (part 2)

The Dairy Cow of Love continues to be colored.

I used Apple Barrel English Blue on the 'black leather' areas. I think this gives the leather a slightly worn look about it.  Also I base coated the metal circular plates that form a belt and that hang on her back with Burnished Gold.

Leather and gold.
Next I washed the Burnished Gold with Chestnut Ink. Then I basecoatws the armout with an old Citadel Metallic pianted called Amethyst Purple.

Chestnut Ink on Burnished Gold. Amethyst Purple armor.
I applied the Amethyst Purple to the armor on her head as well as repeated the color steps for the gold trim. I started to work on the horns and teeth at this step also.

Coloring the head.
Shining Gold was added as a highlight to the gold. I then drybrushed Mitheril Silver on top of the Amethyst Purple.

Mitheril Silver drybrused over Amethyst Purple.
A wash of 1:1 water/Druchii Violet was applied over the armor. I really like how vibrant this made the armor appear and I am quite pleases with it.

Druchii Violet wash on the armour.
I finished the horns and teeth bringing the bone color up to a white highlight. Finally I painted Mitheril Silver on all the spikes, buckles and sharp things that appear across this miniature, of which there are many. 

Mitheril Silver spikes.
Next, I have the base to paint up before relocating this model onto it. That will be covered in part 3.

Turret base primed and ready for part 3...


Alex Joker said...

Really cool, I have one of these I am meaning to paint up at some point. Nice to see a detailed walk through of how you are doing yours, look forward to seeing it finished.

neverness said...

Thanks. I look forward to getting the whole thing done. It has been a fun diversion from all that gold armor...however I have been inspired to paint some Daemonettes as a result of this, so hopefully I get some of them knocked out in the near future.

Da Masta Cheef said...

What's the turret base from?

neverness said...

I'll tell you in part 3!

(or just re-read the first post)