Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Snowy Ruins.(Part 1)

Terrain projects have always been an aspect of this hobby that has thrilled me. But in my current living situation I can not really work on them nor do I have the space to store them. Let alone do I have a game table set up at home. Luckily my local game store, Hobbytown USA of Johnson City, has many gaming tables with some great terrain. You can see these tables in most of my Battle Reports. One of my favorite tables is the Snow Table upon which my Chaos forces recently battled the Lions of Harlech.

Ruined building painted by Patrick.

The table, like most of HT tables, was built, painted and modeled by HT's Patrick. He has done brilliant work on these tables and they are a joy to play on. The Snow Table is lacking in terrain however. I have always felt a tad guilty about not having contributed to these tables like others have, which is why I painted the street lights for one of the other tables recently.

Close up details.
But I felt like I could do more.

At the end of the last game session I had there, I took home one of the uncompleted pieces that had been donnated by one of the players. I intend to paint it for the snow table but I need to match it as close as I can to Patrick's models. I asked him what paints he used but his answer ("a lot of different blues!") wasn't particularly helpful, so these pics I took will hopefully guide me.

I took pics of the table itself as well as some of the other features, so that I could try to match the ruin's base as close as possible.

Here the model I brought home. It clearly could use some attention, yes?

The humble dusty model.

The first thing I wanted to do was apply grit to the base. In the end, most of it will be painted to appear like snow.

The grittier the better.
There were a few parts I added to it. Obviously that unpainted part on the very top, and a small buttress on the side.

The backside.
I wanted to spray primer on the base but it not only is far too cold outside to do it, but it is also snowy out there. Fun coincidence, huh?

And it's 10°F as well.

Also, at this time I have a line of miniatures waiting to be primed outside: 20 plastic Daemonettes, Concord c3-strike-troopers, and few other odd-ball minis and models. They'll just have to wait for now. 😀


Da Masta Cheef said...

That's one of the buildings I donated to the shop. No idea who added that unprimed buttress to the top though. That said, I'm glad to see its finally getting painted!

neverness said...

I thought it was one of yours. Pretty sure you killed some of my orks on it actually.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Considering just how many of my minis have died in that ruin, I recommend the liberal use of the Blood for the blood god paint on the interior!

neverness said...

...hmmm, good point. I should probably pick up another pot of it and just spill it all inside of this model.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, yes!