Thursday, January 04, 2018

Feeling Khorney (Part 9)

I have been putting off the decal stage of this project for far too long. My initial excuse, as I briefly ranted about in my 2014 year-end review, was that I had lost the World Eaters decal sheet. It eventually did turn up, but I also had recieved some kind donations from a few local players (Mike, Scott and Skylar -thanks again) who were generous enough to help out.

Decals for the Blood God!!!

I fricking hate decals.

They are such a pain in the ass, are a lot of focused and intense work, and often times the results are sort of...lacking.

So I procrastinated, and worked on other things. But, while looking back through my extensive catalog of unfinished projects, this one stood out as one I had neglected for far long. So, to start this new year I am determined to get these guys done.

I put the first one on, and it came out great. Only to discover that teeth were transparent and that I would have to paint them in with White paint.

First Icon applied.

Needless to say that was a disaster (no, not sharing those images!). But it did present a solution: Paint the colors first, then apply the decal.

And this was a total success (comparatively).

I used the same technique on the chaos icon with a transparent skull as well, and it also worked out great.
Both sides complete.

I have managed to get a few more done before time was up, but I am pleased with how they are turning out. Notice the small chaos symbol on the skull hanging from the chain on the far left mini.

More finished guys. 

This is what the colors look like prior to applying the decal by-the-way:

More guys ready for the Icon.

The unit's Aspiring Champion, who was the subject of Part-2's drill and pin feature , is now finished. Considering how much time I have put into this model, I suspect he'll 'spawn-out' in his first post-painted game.

The Aspiring Champion. 
And here is the metal Icon Bearer, featured mostly in Part-8, also now done and complete.
He is actually going to be the Icon Bearer for a the other Berserker unit, the chaps I call the dancers and prancers...

Finished Icon Bearer.

The dancing berserkers, yes, it's been ages since I worked on them, but their time has arrived! When I first got some of the secret-weapon-conversion-rings I tried them out on two of the guys from this unit before sanity prevailed; these minis simply didn't justify them. They just were not in a state that didn't warrant giving them 32mm bases.

The two guys with extended bases. 

And I decided to rip the others from their 25mm round bases instead.

Bases detached. They make good wounded guys huh?
I then reattached them to proper 32mm bases.

New bases.
Afterward, I was compelled to give the whole squad a coat of Blood Red, No pics of that yet, but the project continues on for both Berserker units, and you'll see more of these guys soon!


Ziek said...

The finish decals look great!

Recently, I have used 60 of the Secret Weapon Conversion Rings. Unlike you I had not finished the base so it was a bit easier. But I found that they did not fit snugly enough so I wound up using graystuff to keep them attached and fill in the gaps between the old base and rings.

neverness said...

They can be a tricky. It depends on the 25mm base too. The older GW bases tend to work better. Bases made in '00s (They usually have a concave in the center) tend to be a little shorter and not as high. The base extenders used on those bases will likely require green stuff to fill the gaps.

Rory Priest said...

They look very well. I love seeing old models brought to light again.