Monday, March 11, 2019

Stormhawk Interceptor (Part 2)

I said at the end of Stormhawk Interceptor part-1 that it would be awhile before I would be able to give you an update on this one. Well, the stars aligned just right to allow me to make some progress on this thing.  It all started with a rare find. I was visiting a local gaming store (Dewaynes World) and came across this can of Shadow Gray Citadel Colour spray paint. I have sought this stuff out for years and simply never saw it there before.

Shadow Gray. In a can. 

The weather here in east Tennessee has simply sucked. Winter has been replaced with a season of mud, water and floods. But in the past two days, the sun as appeared to occasionally dry this place out just a little bit and I saw the opportunity to try out this spray paint.

Masked off with Artist's Tape. 

First though, I had to mask off the sections I wanted  to try to keep black. I used acid free Artist's Tape for this.

Shadow Gray freshly sprayed on. 

I had a really challenging time getting the spray paint to come out of the can at first, but when I finally did I was a little worried that the color may be too bright. Even layered over black like it is, it still seems bright.   But I suppose a lot of paints do this.

After a few hours of curing and no longer wet.

After letting it cure outside for a few hours I brought it in and removed the masking tape. The Artist's Tape did the job perfectly! The paint itself seems to have darker as it dried but not too much. I may have to hit the recesses with The Fang to deepen the color a bit more. We'll seen ok once I get around to the assembly stage...


Siph_Horridus said...

Great find, is Shadow Grey like Codex Grey / now Dawnstone? If you spray on sprue, what do you do at all the joins when filed smooth? I spray but on sub assemblies off the sprue.

Nick Thrower said...

Siph - shadow grey has a more blueish tone than Codex Grey/Dawnstone, it's closer to The Fang than a true grey.

That's a great find though, I discovered some old (issue 98) white dwarfs last year on holiday in a second hand bookshop and had a great time reading an 8-page spread on the Mentors Astartes Chapter (8 pages! oh if only White Dwarf would do that sort of thing these days!)

Love the Stormhawk, what weapon loadout are you going for? I've found the las talon and cyclone launcher to be the better option.

Waaargh Pug said...

Do you typically paint things on the sprue like this? I've just never found it to be something I want to do, always seemed more inconvenient than helpful.

neverness said...

Painting-on-sprue seems to be paradigm altering for some of you, huh? Spray painting on Sprue isn't something I usually do, but when I do, I do it for vehicles. But I find it to be faster to base coat this way. I rarely paint more that a prime or basecoat. Then I take them off the scrue and continue painting up the next stages. Other examples of this are my Land Raider Crusader and the Drop Pods from my Lands to Raid series (links on the Space Wolves page on this blog).